Definitive edition Characters locked pc


Also have the same problem, can’t find any fixes in the previous topics.

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Adding my name to the list, here. I bought and installed the Definitive Edition through the Windows Store (direct purchase, not Game Pass), and everything is locked.

[On another note, I would really like to get my old Xbox One save file updated to use with the Win10 DE. I’d like to keep my stuff in that file, but I don’t have the console anymore, and no one local to me has the game or the disk space/bandwidth to download it.]

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I’ve got the Supreme Edition, and have issues with the three post-season 3 characters being locked despite it saying I also own them.


Just bought Definitive Edition off the Microsoft Store. It says that I have all the content packs installed. However, Kim Wu, TJ Combo, Eyedol, Omen, and Shadow Jago are all locked on the practice menu. I have tried reinstalling the game, no change.
Edit: Looked at the in-app store, none of the content bundles are marked as purchased

I’ve got it too. I just want to play man.

Quick situation update : The official KI twitter did post about the issue 2 days ago

"If you had issues with #KillerInstinct Definitive Edition on @XboxGamePassPC, please uninstall the game, and try downloading again. We are working on this issue.

*It may take 30 - 60min from this tweet (6:35pm PST) to take effect. Thank you for working with us on this."

(I should note though that the uninstall / redownload fix doesn’t seem to work according to those who tried, but at least we know they’re working hard on the issue)

Yup, same issue here, just finished downloading it thru the Xbox beta app and only the free character is available.

Same issue, already tried uninstalling/reinstalling.

Funnily enough, I only noticed this after trying to play multiplayer, since Shadow Lord was quite fun.

So their Twitter hasn’t responded to anything else regarding issues which worries me

Well now a week has passed and it is true this is looking a bit worrisome.
If it takes them that long to iron out the issue then either the dev team is just too small now, or the problem may be deeply rooted in the microsoft store infrastructure which would require some code rewriting and what not.

Either way I hope they can fix it quickly, as soon as that’s done I’m definitely tryharding the game.

Same issue here as well and I installed on Monday. So I assume reinstallingnisnt going to fix it?

It’s probably cuz of the MS store since lord is the Xbox app and the ms store a steaming pile of garbage from a Ui/ux perspective

Yeah probably, and as far as I know no reinstalling isn’t going to fix it. (I’m still gonna try it overnight in case they continued to do some back end work these past few days but I wouldn’t hold my breath)

You think it’s worth calling Microsoft support?

Nah I doubt it, if anything the devs acknowledged the issue so all that’s left now is to wait for a fix I guess… I think it’s likely microsoft support will know even less about the matter than we do tbh.

There’s already some posts in the Feedback hub about it, but it doesnt feel like that gets read tbh

So far its been a week or so. Ironically on xbox you can fix the problem by manually downloading fighters. But that doesnt seem to wrok on the PC side so we’re functionally screwed

I’d feel better if they at least posted an update

You and me both. Not holding out a ton of hope though

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I tried to uninstall / redownload last night and I confirm there is no change it still doesn’t work.

It got me thinking, with evo starting I hope they can come up with a fix today… It’s the time of year when fighting games are on a lot of people’s mind and it definitely attracts newcomers. With KI now being on gamepass with a full roster it’s probably become one of the easiest entry in this genre. I’d hate to see that new wave encounter this bug and giving up on the idea…
Anyway I’m sure the devs realize this weekend is important, I just wish they would share their progress on the matter.