Definitive edition Characters locked pc

Well all these replies don’t read too good. I guess Ill uninstall and not waste my time.

Hi all,

Is this only occurring to people attempting to play via Game Pass, or is it happening to people who have actually purchased the “Definitive Edition” itself?

Good question, I would assume it’s an “everyone” problem maybe related to the new xbox app, but I have no idea.

Yeah, as someone who’s looking to buy the game the next time it’s on sale, I’d love to know in advance.

I think its ‘only’ affecting people with teh xbxo game pass for PC. But it doesn’t bode well for their whole PC platfrom that is already 10x worse than any other online store in terms of features, stability, usability, etc.

If youre going to buy it might as well get it on steam, at least it ‘works’ there

Yeah I would also advise buying it on steam if that’s what you’re going for.

@Doyama Yeah, I’m not a fan of Microsoft’s Store myself, and this would be my first purchase from it via Windows 10. Unto itself doing a test buy doesn’t bother me provided the game works and all the content unlocks properly.

Having said that, the full crossplay is appealing.

If the Steam version goes on sale first, I may go that direction, but if the Windows 10 version would work no problem, that would be my preference.

Summing up: the steam version doesn’t have crossplay. The windows 10 version is good and has crossplay with Xbox one version.

From what I’ve read, the Steam version does have crossplay in Exhibition and lobbies, but not in Ranked.

The online experience is focuses on ranked matches. Believe me. I’m a long-term player.

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Thats basiclaly pointless becasue the Windows 10 version doesnt work for users with the xbox pc game pass. I have ‘cross play’ with Jago. Whoopedeee doo

Is there anyone in the thread who has purchased the Win10 DE (as this is what @Juxtapose13 is discussing) that has characters locked? I think that is the right question to ask. If he’s going to buy it and it all works out, then it’s all good. If other people who have bought it have characters locked, that’s when there would be an issue.

Exhibition and lobby crossplay is ok, but it’s definitely slower to find games (and to play a variety of games) compared to just being able to hop into Ranked. As Jux has expressed interest in playing online, I would only suggest the Steam version if this character lock glitch also applies to people buying the Win10 version directly.

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It works if you buy the game (it’s very cheap btw).

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I’m paying for Xbox game pass pc

And I kinda expect my purchase to work as advertised

This is just one in a long list of problems with the Xbox app that I’ve seen in just like 2 months of using it

I’m certainly not going to actually dump real money into a platform that takes a week to push a patch for Imperator Rome, or takes 3 weeks and still can’t figure out why one of their tent pole franchises is broken

They gotta fix it for sure. They should have tested it before making available. I’m sure they’re working on it, but it’s your right to be ■■■■■■ off.

That’s totally fair and I’m not disagreeing with you. The game should work with Game’s Pass, and it’s pretty bogus that it still doesn’t. MS needs to get it sorted, and sooner rather than later.

That doesn’t make your situation relevant to Jux’s question however. As much as possible, I want him to be able to make an informed purchase decision, and that means finding the pros, cons, and potential pratfalls associated with the way he’s stated he wants to experience the game.

Steam as a store platform is quite good, but I wouldn’t recommend Steam KI given what Jux has said he wants. I also obviously wouldn’t recommend the Win10 version of the game to him if it turned out character lock was endemic to the entire platform and the purchase options he’s interested in. I love this game and will shill it all day, but ultimately I want anyone who comes into it to have a good experience and feel they’ve gotten their money’s worth. If that means he can safely buy the Win10 and be assured of all his content then that’s great. But if it means we should recommend he wait to purchase, then it is what it is and that’s fine as well. Just want to make sure we’re answering the question he’s actually asking and providing the best/most informed response we can.

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@STORM179 Thank you kindly for summarizing my overall question and position so well; much appreciated! And you are correct in what I’m looking for, save that I plan on waiting for a sale before making the purchase (on either platform).

I am quite interested in the game, as a Mortal Kombat franchise veteran Killer Instinct plays very differently and I’m quite interested in it’s mechanics. I’ve been reading Infil’s guide, which was recommended to me, in the meantime and it’s an excellent read.

@Cabp15 Can you tell me where you’ve seen it very cheap right now? When I look on the Windows 10 Store, is $51.99 (Canadian). On Steam, it’s currently $43.99 (Canadian).

Thanks for your replies all!

Well, it was very cheap like 1/2 months ago. I didn’t know about that. It’s still cheap considering canadian incomes. Anyway, if you paid for game pass, you gotta receive what’s promised. Good luck.

Cool. I heard it was on sale a few weeks back, so perhaps that’s what you’re thinking of. I missed that sale/wasn’t thinking about the game at that time.

$51.99 Canadian I wouldn’t call cheap, but it’s not awful either. New console games go for around $79.99 here, and cheap titles are usually around $19.99. I’d bite around the $24.99 mark or cheaper.

I also do not have Game Pass and have no intention of getting that subscription service.


Your best bet is to track the pricing on the windows store and then get notified

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