Definitive edition bugs

Hi guys, just joined so feel free to let me know if this is in the wrong place
I’ve bought the definitive edition on xbox one, downloaded the update and installed everything on the disc, now the issue I’m having is I can’t access season 3 on story mode or none of the extra skins, wondering if anyone has a fix as I’ve tried reinstalling a few times to no avail
Any help would be appreciated greatly

All bugs should be posted in the Official Bug Posting Thread

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Shadow Lords is S3’s story mode, should be the first option on the Main Menu. Is it visible?

The only extra skin I know of in that pack is Gold (and Platinum) Gargos. Your default colors and accessories will be unlocked as you play, retro colors should be unlocked right away.
On the character select screen, while picking the colors for your character, you can scroll right to find the skins you have unlocked.

Hi guys! I don’t know if this issue has been discussed, but there’s a bug with the control settings in the XB1 KI:DE that DOESN’T let you save your control custom schemes.

Every time i get to the main menu, after been logged in, i have to sign out and THEN sign in again to get all my content- which is no trouble, actually. All my progress gets saved without a hitch, except the controller settings: i always hit SAVE, and proceed to play. Next time i launch the game again, i have to repeat the log-in proccess, but although all content and player/character stats is available, my control settings are always set to default.

It’s the only incomvenience in the game, for me so far. If it could be fixed, the game would perfectly!

Ooh, this is a suggestion of mine, but could you guys add an option for sound settings that would let you hear the classic KI character select screen? It’s a lot more fitting to the Killer Instinct, and sounds awesome!

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