Definitive Edition App extras are really neat!

So once you put in the disc, everything is ON there you just have to install it, the extras are put into an App that gets installed from the disc. Its really nice, has concept art of characters and stages. It has screenshots of the 3 KI’s. The app also has ALL THE SOUNDTRACKS. Even season 3!! Plus the behind the scenes footage. Its great for hardcore KI fans. I’m glad I purchased this. I know a lot of people were kinda disappointed but they didn’t really know all the content that this has! All in all I’m a very satisfied cuatomer :slight_smile:


See that makes me happy. Can’t wait to get my copy now. That is the kind of stuff I was really hoping for :slight_smile:

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Yea I was pleasantly surprised. Honestly this whole definitive edition package is very underrated in my opinion! Just listened to “Kneel to your God” it’s biblical! Lol


Anyone know how to get the app if you bought digitally?

I think it should be under “ready to install”

I tried reinstalling everything, but there is no app.

It’s separate from the game. Idk man I got it on disc and it’s under the list of things to install.

The artworks are the same of Ultra Fan Book (which cover only S1 characters)?
Or it has also S2 and S2 sketches? If yes, they’re different from the ones unlocked in extra section? Many or few?
Sorry for so many questions., thank you.

Sketches for all characters, idk if they’re the same ones from before cuz I never looked at them lol

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Would you mind to check next time? I’ll send you a slice of pizza directly from Italy

Perhaps @WrathOfFulgore can help you with that? Lol

Yeah, I know I’ve kinda been the DE guru today…honestly I’m really not sure. I don’t have the Ultra Fan book, but I do know there is some of the same artwork that there is in that book, but I can’t tell you to what extent. A lot of it seemed recycled from what was already in-game as well. But I didn’t spend a lot of time in that section of the bonus content.

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Good to know and great to hear that from you too man :slight_smile: