Default stages auto select for every character

@developers, I would like to see in a next update that for all the modes, like for example: online lobbies, when i win, i can select the stage. I just let it most of the time on default. The problem here is that when i select a character that hasn’t a stage (or a shared stage), on default stage and music settings its just the same stage again with that default music.
Default stage and default music should be depending on what character you select !
We have a lot of characters that share a stage but all have their own music and still none of this is selected by default.
This is a shame for all the work that was put into the music.
There just has to come an update, if we select like Killgore, default music and default stage, we get Fullgore’s stage and Killgore’s music. Same goes for selecting Mira, we should get Sabrewulf’s stage with Mira’s music…
I hope @developers you take a look into this.
Thank you for make this happen !

Nah, Devils Landing or bust. Ain’t nobody got time for Jagoports.