Default button layout or custom button layout?

I got into a discussion with someone awhile ago and i brought up how i set my buttons for KI. I was curious about how some of you all setup your sticks or pads.

I play pad myself on a Elite controller. I found that when i first played KI, i didnt like default. As of now…
X - light punch
Y - medium punch
A - light kick
B - medium kick
LT - heavy punch
RT - heavy kick
RB - all punch
LB - all kick
Taunt disabled
Right stick enabled
Combo assist disabled

I just never got comfortable with RT and RB for breaking heavies. I kinda feel like i pulled this from playing my FPS games. But i just wondered what others use.

I use a fightstick primarily, but when I’m forced to use a pad I usually have HP as RB and HK as LB. The reason being that when I’m breaking I want it to be as absolutely fast as possible (I only have such a window to do the combo breaker) and for me, the buttons are quicker than the triggers (simply the physical distance I’m pressing in order to trigger the input). When I need to press PPP or KKK, I can live with a teeny tiny bit less responsive triggers.

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I leave it the way it is.

What I used to do with snes street fighter though is, I used to make the top bumpers the light punch/kick buttons, then what equels as Y and B on an xbox controller as the strong buttons and what equals X and A as medium buttons…when I was younger and just learning fighters, learning the command inputs where hard enough as it is, especially if you had to use the bumpers, and I also in my naive thinking, felt I didnt need those wussy light buttons, lol :sweat_smile:

Joystick :heavy_check_mark:
CAM :x:

This is what you’re doing wrong


Cam-lel no

Got used to fight sticks now. Pad I usually use d-pad (leave right stick enabled for throws) and medium plus heavy buttons in X,A,Y,B. Bumpers are all 3 punches and kicks and triggers are Lights. Really hard to use some buttons like this but was the way I got used to it in the SNES version. Got a costumized fightstick with sanwa and having the six buttons available in line makes it easier for me. Arcade style is tougher and stronger, but it hurts more =\

Best button is the taunt button.

I typically use an elite controller, but no, I don’t use default.
Mediums X& A
Heavies Y& B
Lights R’s
Triples L’s (kicks on the triggers)
Both triggers are set with the elite’s halfway lock on and sensitivy set to where they’ll both hit 100% that way. Analog sticks removed, and I use the circle Dpad.

Honestly I played KI a lot on the SNES, and it’s buttons were set by default to have mediums and heavies on the face buttons, and that is what I’ve been used to for fighting games ever since.

You need a taunt button to activate items in Shadow Lords, so at least there’s that.

When I played on pad I used:

LP: Right bumper
LK: Right trigger
3P: Left bumper
3K: Left trigger
Right stick enabled

I believe Sickle plays with that layout as well.

Q: Why reverse the lights and heavies?

I’m confused as to why you’d use some of the slowest buttons for some of the fastest moves…

Because I personally always had less utility for lights than mediums or heavies. My preferred poke buttons are mediums (better range and generally fast enough to punish or check over-aggressive approaches), and within combos I’ve always preferred using stronger buttons to weaker ones.

I also played Sadira, who has some great light buttons, but doesn’t necessarily need to rely on them. Even now I rarely use lights in neutral to be honest, though that’s also because Sako can’t combo from them without meter. But I almost never used light normals at all until I got my fightstick.

Well not really. actually. You can use the right direction on the right thumb stick to activate items in SL’s.

I can tell you why I do it:

it was KI1’s default control on the SNES, and I’ve been setting every 6-button FG to that set-up ever since.

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Do I like the kind of dude who uses a pad?

Maybe, I never saw you hint at using stick.