"Death In The Water 2"

Thought you guys might be interested in this indie game. It looks really cool so far.

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a hydophobes nightmare game

Looks like it has loads of potential!
Need to make the mer-folk move more naturally though. In the clip the look very stiff and act more like hesitant shooting targets than sly and vicious hunters.

LOL No kidding. The eels were what creeped me out, though, just because by and large I’m afraid of all things serpentine (although the one exception, oddly enough, is KI1 Riptor).


Yeah I agree with you. That said, though, for an indie team, this looks pretty cool so far. I hope there’s more variety in the merfolk. Like, one is the kind of creepy-looking mermaid that we see here, while another could look like one of H.P. Lovecraft’s Deep Ones, etc.

So you basically have a fear of snake? I love snakes personally. They are my favorite animal.

Though think for your case the KI-1 Riptor isn’t all snake.

Absolutely terrified of them. I LOVE reptiles - lizards, crocodiles, turtles, Komodo dragons - I love everything related to them, but snakes, I can’t stand even a foot away from them.

Komodo dragons, crocodiles and iguanas are mine.

Indeed. It still has snake-ish features, but at the same time it’s designed in a way where it looks more dinosaur-esque without necessarily being a dinosaur in itself, if that makes any sense. It’s not too snake-like like Vertigo from “Primal Rage”, but you can clearly see that it has snake-like features without it looking overtly like a snake. Plus the scorpion tail and humanoid proportions emphasizes Riptor being a kind of chimaera.

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Komodo Dragons my favorite lizard, I love all kinds of reptiles. I think you have a case of ophideophobia.

Also I noticed those moray eels are acting more aggressively in the game than usual. Somethings getting them all riled up.

Yeah I’m just terrified of snakes. I’m not one of those people who will ever want one as a pet, no matter how small.

I’m guessing either the protagonist is in their territory (I have no idea how territorial eels are, but it’s not unheard for some animals to act more aggressively when they encounter an intruder.), or the merfolk are spurring them into action. Maybe there are other entities or something?

Iä! Iä! Cthulhu fhtagn! :squid:


That would be awesome if that were the case.

Unless theres a nest but this not likely the case. It could be the mermaids, it could also be something super natural in origin. But Moray Eels arn’t typically aggressive. They would swim away at the sign of danger.

Though this could have to do with the games plot. Even sharks are more aggressive in the game than usual. Sense sharks would only approach a human if they are curious.