"Death Comes to All...Except Me..." Tusk is immortal, or at least ageless

Tusk’s opening statement at the beginning of the video…

Well, I wasn’t expecting that. Is Tusk another one of the Babylon afflicted?

He’s straight from Highlander. He’s Macleods distant cousin.

Seriously though, Keits confirmed he was immortal in a gameplay breakdown on Tusk he did with a guy from IGN

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Yup. I have to actually do some work today, but I will stop in to say that I think this fits so well with KI’s derivative cheesiness…

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I can’t watch that vid on IGN. I’m waiting for it to come to YT.

Keits said in the Tusk gameplay showcase video that Tusk is immortal and can’t die.
I wonder why that is though.

“Death Comes to All” is Kotal Khan’s line!!!

MKX fan are gonna be talking sheet!

Im not sure how I feel about Tusk so far from what Ive seen… I love the stage and his look, but his game play…its not what I expected. I cant be for sure until I try him out hands on…but so far from visuals…Im just…worried? I expected him to be very close to KI2…All the other characters were near exact with a few changes.

The DP is way different, his skull splitter looks short ranged, and whats with the shoulder charge? Is that supposed to be his boot kick replacement? Web of Death looks like a normal move.

I need to see more!!! Ahhhhhhh!!!

**EDITOk so I watched the TUSK walk through with Keits and Ive changed my mind…he looks amazing!! Back Cutter is back or whatever its called! 75% damage!!! Deflect windows, slide, Ground skewer! Man, I cant wait!!!


I really want to watch the IGN showcase with Kiets. With Kiets explain things and showing things off, that will be a much better look at him rather than just piecing together what you can from visuals alone.

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It isn’t exclusive to Kotal Kahn. Alot of characters before them have said this in many different media. If people are gonna b#tch about it, then I’ll just laugh at their ignorance. <3

Why can’t you watch the IGN video

I’m at work. IGN is flagged. I can do YT on my phone.

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I’m not bitching about it, I’m just saying. So don’t try to include me into that “ignorance” group.

No no, didn’t mean YOU. :stuck_out_tongue:
I meant if people do so in general. ^^

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That sucks dude

IGN has a tusk gameplay breakdown

I love that he says it also, cause Tusk adds Except me… Plus Tusk would take Kotal kahn everytime, and I like Kotal



Nerf Tusk. XD

Sabrewulf players are going to get even more annoyed

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Tusk is my new main. I can’t wait. He looks SO fun, and huge. And he hits hard. OMG!

Don’t dare hit Tusk with the nerf stick!

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