Death Battle: Sonya Blade vs. Cammy White

Did is end up how you thought it would?


I love Cammy more, but it makes sense that Sonya would win.

wanted cammy to win but when i saw the breaking steel anvil to be more 90,000 lb per square inch compared to cammy surviving balrog punches that were 10,000 from okoing an elephent i figured as much especially the experience gap. meh.

still not entirely sure about useing test your might as calculation for strength since every charecter can break the object in question in test your might depending on who is mashing the button. i even heard of breaking diamond stone in one of he later mk test your might so i dont neccesarily agree with using it but either way but meh

I thought Sonya would win due to overall experience and tech, so I’m not surprised by the conclusion, but yeah, them bringing up the TYM challenge was a little unexpected and suspect.

FYI: the TYM challenge is a canon part of the lore, but it really can only be used for the champs (Liu Kang, Shang Tsung, Goro, Kung Lao*, etc.) due to the rule that says "in order to reach the final challenge (the Grand Final match) you MUST defeat the TYM challenge.

“Between matches the Tournament grand-masters will periodically test your warrior’s might. You, warrior, will be required to break an object with [your] bare hands- wood, stone, steel, ruby, or diamond.”

  • Source: MK1 instruction manual

*The Great Kung Lao is the one who is the champ, current Kung Lao is the “reincarnation” of TGKL so it stand to reason he is his equal in every way. That being said though, current Kung Lao doesn’t have that feat.

Sonya NEVER reached the final match in the lore, so we don’t know how far she got, thus we really can’t tell what level she could break. DB bringing in a contestable “feat” such as Sonya breaking an anvil with her bare hands sort of sullies the win in my book.

huh…i didnt know it was canon. well then.

Well, they also gave Cammy the car breaking mini-game as part of her advantage, so I think it’s fair.

Very true.

i wonder how smashing a car to rubble compare to cracking an anvil? after all most car are made of mostly steel and the engine would be comparable to an anvil…probably

Today’s cars are build to crumple in may ways. It is a safety thing so that the car crumples in such a way, thus dampening the force around you in the case of an accident. Cars aren’t solid like an anvil.

There/here is a YT video of a real life guy beating the hell of a car with his bare hands Street Fighter style.

Though Cammy thoroughly beat the car in game fast, harder, and more completely than this guy, I think you’d be hard pressed to find any footage of an anvil being cracked in half at all.

welp…i gave it the ole college try. i literally got nothing else to refute this with lol

to be fair, Cammy’s thighs are better than Sonya as a character.

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