Deals with Gold - $1 Sales

It’s been a little while, but they are back! $1 sales are officially a “thing” again.

Details here:



Wait… I thought Jago is free?..

No character is actually free, but there is a rotating character that is free for about 2 weeks, then it switches to a different one.

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Let me fix your statement: One rotating character that is free for an irregular amount of time, from 2 weeks to 5.

Right. What I meant was that you don’t a character for free as a permanent deal, which was what he was implying.

I saw this when Larry Herb posted the Gold Deals of the week on his blog, and I was wondering when someone was going to spread the word about it.

This reminds me something: there should be a way to allow all users to know which character its in the rotation.

I have all characters and I dont know which one its in the rotation right now. Time ago, the meld told us, but now its impossible to know.

Not a must-to-have-now feature, but maybe using the meld again could be enough (it gets new info constantly, so doesn’t seem very hard to achieve)


Awesome! So, does that mean we will eventually be able to grab Shago for $1?

Nope, Jago. Not Shadow Jago

I think Shago is a premium character and will likely (for the foreseeable future) stay at $10 with KI Gold tied in whenever he is available for sale.

But, I wouldn’t be opposed to his exclusivity being dropped so that he’s always purchasable at $5.

If you wait for every character to go on sale you will have only paid $18 for season 1 and 2! Granted you might be waiting for quite a minute :V

I seriously forgot it was Tuesday. The days/nights are blending together. When the stream ended I was like OH CRAP!

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So is this gonna be for season 1 and 2 ? So I could let my friend know

wait if i buy ki now can i get it on pc

Yep. Anything you buy on/for the X1, also counts as a purchase to the PC version.

ok thx but i don’t have xbox gold cause i don’t have xbox :[ so i can’t buy it for 1 $ :[

Recommend you buy the Supreme Edition for PC when it comes out. $50 for all in-game content, and just a fantastic deal in general.

yea i know i will then i will get the rom for ki 1 so i can have the full package :stuck_out_tongue: