Dealing with wrecking ball

What do you guys do? Wrecking ball has kinda got me at a loss. Do I need to wait then dp backwards?

If you can react w cr.HP (or similar H button AA), that’d be your best bet. Otherwise, block the Ball and DP the followup j.MK, yeah. Familiarity with the ranges that j.MK will crossup from WB helps a lot.

I’m not saying it’s easy.

Depending on the strength of the wrecking ball, you can jump and mp or mk before the followup. I believe you can also forward or backdash it too. If you’re looking for the safest option, Cr HP but no matter which timing will be key.

If you are fast enough, CrHP could actually beat out the armor on wrecking ball. But his requires some very preemptive timing.

Any normal beats it in startup, otherwise you can take the armor with a projectile pipcancel into blade dash or dp. It is one of those things you just have to play against for a while and you’ll get by it. I usually raw teleport on startup unless it is used as a meaty, then block, and jump attack or time an anti air.

I just DP immediately, never have to worry about reversing the input or anything like that. Wrecking ball is an annoying move but when you block it it’s very easy to deal with consistently.

Is there any difference now with 3.7?

Pretty sure Rash was mostly untouched in 3.7.

I am a pretty consistent Rash player and I seldom use wrecking ball. Most of the other Rash players I run into rely on it heavily, and once you feel out how to punish it their entire strategy falls apart.

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I use it until people show me they can stop it reliably. Fulgore shouldn’t struggle with it at all. Light Dp on recovery or St Hk St Hp usually winout too.

What’s that mean?

After the wrecking ball hits you and you are in block stun, you dp, it wins vs any normal they try and press, it must be the light version most of the time though.