Dealing with wake-up?

Been playing Arbiter and having a lot of fun. Biggest issue for me seems to be my match-up’s against Rash. Just cant deal when he’s on top of me, especially in the corner. What have you guys found that works on wake-up as Arby?

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Quarter circle forward + 2 kicks causes a shield burst. It does no damage, but it keeps people off of you and gives you a 6-7% health boost.

Note: This requires meter

Good option if you have the meter, but what if you’re meter-less?

Hold back to block. I heard that Down triple punch works as a wake ip.


If you have no meter, do what @Sasuke99I says. Down+3 punches detonates a grenade in your face, generally a good way to keep someone off.

Oh and wit a shield,I think it is safe.

Its definitely safe since hes invulnerable to projectiles with the shield up, and I think you can combo after if the plasma hits. Not sure tho, gotta lab it.