Dealing with Thunder seems to be next to impossible

I’ve fought 2 thunder players (both of whom I believe to be the same person and have no way of punishing his tactics. He jumps (which I can’t hit because he’s out of range, then he simply rushes me which I have no way to challenge, thus forcing me to either wait for something I can break or not break at all. I feel pretty crushed, as I know that were I Fulgore or possibly even Jago, I likely could’ve made the player pay.

Any tips on this MU would be appreciated

Just zone him out with bombs and inferno. Down+up dp to AA him.



*shrug * Fireflash is a more than serviceable anti-air. Fast, great range, and can’t be crossed up either. For my money, Cinder’s one of the most difficult characters in the cast to jump in on because of how it works.

I was being a facetious knob.

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Lol. Apologies - sometimes you just never know on these forums :joy:

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The most aggrevating Thunder player I’ve faced is this ‘J Gamer K’ guy…He’s got skills (top 32), but is a total d-bag taunting and teabagging prick. Lol…Just an awful personality…But, he CAN play…So I always go a few rounds with him until I just can’t take his unsportsmanship any longer. Lol. Just a heads up.

This guy wasn’t taunting/tbing, not that I could tell. Also, if he saw me using fireflash, he’d stay out of range ground rush me and I’d be forced to wait, or break something. I couldn’t work with the stratgies that have been suggested as I simply couldn’t seem to get close enough without being blocked or hit. Seems like their’s an issue with certain of cinder’s moves too audio wise though I can’t check this completely, whereby the first hit is blocked, the second hit seems to connect but actually is blocked and as a result I am open to a full punish even though, for me, it seems like I should’ve been able to combo him.

It’s an interesting dilemma