Dealing with Sadira's Instinct Mode

As a new player, and I’ve still only played against the AI thus far, I find I have extreme difficulty dealing with Sadira’s Instinct Mode more than anyone else’s.

Can anyone elaborate on exactly how the web traps function? They appear unblockable, and they don’t seem to disappear even on hit, and I find myself in a perpetual stun once the ability gets used.

Outside of avoidance, what’s the best way to generally deal with said web traps?

Sadira has one of the best Instincts in the game, however there are a few good tricks that can get you out of danger.

Firstly if a Sadira pops Instinct away from you, avoid her. Her Instinct is really only strong if she is close to you.

If a Web is close to you, don’t hit it with a normal attack. It will insnare you.

Special attacks that have invincibility on start up are good, and Shadow Moves are even better.

Remember Webs, despite their lack a movement, adhere to the same properties as projectiles.

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They are essentially stationary (blockable) projectiles. If your hurtbox touches one it will activate and trap you, but the webs do lose to active hitboxes in the same way that Kan-Ra’s scarabs do. Accordingly you’re more than welcome to swing into them if one is badly placed, but a better rule of thumb is probably to never destroy a web since Sadira can only place one at a time and a web that can be destroyed is almost by definition not helping her.

The hard-to-blockable nature of the web is more about whatever aerial shenanigans Sadira is presently engaged in than anything having to do with the web itself. Just try to keep track of where she is above you and block in the opposite direction. If you get hit by the web and she crosses you up, break heavies - her j.HK is the only cross-up button she has, so that’s her only option to confirm in that situation unless she wants to risk a preemptive dive kick.

If you want to know more about how the webs function, I’d recommend just running Sadie in versus against the CPU or Shadows sometime. That’ll probably give you the best general idea of how they operate. You place them with HP+HK.

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Very good advice, thanks. For many characters, HP+HK seems to be the input to use an Instinct Mode’s feature.

Sadira is actually the character I’ll be playing next next in Story Mode Season 1, and she is overall a character I want to learn unless I really don’t like her playstyle.