Dealing with projectile spam/Rush Down

Lately Ive been learning how to use TJ Combo, but Im bad at two things: dealing with Projectile spam and cross up Rush downs. Getting destroyed by these things have damn near made me want to quit KI because of my Personal Pride/Honor issues and disgust at myself as a player.

So, what are some good counter strategies to dealing with these tactics?

Sounds like you have yet to use one of his simplest moves, his roll.

I think it is back, forward medium kick? It goes under projectiles and moves you forward and good distance and it is invulnerable to certain moves for a good while like if someone is pressing buttons it will evade them and you can counter or go under projectiles and is command grab into tremor or something.

It takes playing around with but it is pretty handy. TJ isn’t my main but I played him quite a bit (got him to lv 50) so that is what I used to do. I would be happy to help once S3 drops (not playing until then) as I could always use more people to play KI with everything just takes practice.

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TJs roll for projectile spammers. Roll into light / medium tremor. Or use Shadow tremor to go through and over projectiles.

Cross ups can be difficult if its a Jago or Orchid that just keep jumping over your head back n forth. That’s when you have to use Uppercut to either knock them out of it or use a move to escape and get away. Sometimes just walking under their cross up can get you in a better postilion.

Dont quit… just take a break from Online play… practice on shadows and come back to online once you have figured out how to beat these challenges.

You can roll under the cross up too though since it has a few invulnerable frames and it moves you past all the crossup hitboxes as far as I know (Shago maybe not?).

My favorite thing to do though is shadow counter immediately after a crossup. Unless it is a super pro almost everyone does a second hit after a crossup to confirm the SC.

Thank you both for your input.

So Ive been putting TJ’s Tumble to good use with some great results. Definitely lets me put some rush downs of my own. Just wanted to let y’all know :slight_smile:

You have a very good roll for these situations. You can use the armor on your rush punch to go through a fireball if you think it’s necessary. Using the fullscreen knockdown that Tremor provides is helpful as well.

As for crossups, just roll like I said. Should work most of the time.

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You can also use power line and cancel it into a tumble to then enter with a spin fist, it would be an easy way to start a combo, cause you caught your opponent half way trough the animation.

Power Line --> Tumble (You cancel it by pressing MK) --> Spin fist (opener)

It helped me with some spamming Fulgores