Dealing with lucky Wulf players

Just wondered what I should do if I see a Wulf player constantly blocking my tremor - I want to run in but he’ll nearly always beat me (even just by being lucky rather than anything else) had about the lamest match I’ve ever played in KI to date (and that’s saying something) as I tried to hit him but he’d jsut straight up avoid and punish by happening to be in the air. If I used tremor, he’d just block, when he was near by he’d hit me before the tremor would effect him.

Any suggestions?

Never use tremor in neutral, its unsafe and since Tj lows are very short, your opponent should be stand blocking by default.

Mix powerline options: if they always block, use shoot toss, if they touch buttons, powerline H. Punch, if they jump, flying knee…

Tremor for jumps and mixs when you are close enough for a low

Neutral jump can be very annoying against TJ. Believe me. Lol. Tremor isn’t effective against it. At least, not as an anti air. You can read that neutral jump and shoot toss, or light tremor from the outside to get a hard knockdown when the opponent lands. I will often bait my opponent into jumping by throwing out a power line and cancelling it and then light tremoring them when they’re landing for the knockdown. Or, if you have meter, you can powerline to roll and then shadow uppercut while your opponent is still airborne (I do this all the time against jumping Glacius). You CAN definitely flying knee a nuetral jumping Sabrewulf.

One more thing. You can jump in yourself and use heavy punch to neutralize an opponent’s neutral jump. If you read your opponents jump well enough, you can even do a lp+lk flipout, which I can execute pretty well in stage corners.

P. S. Rebelo’s TJ is the only TJ I’ve seen that is/was definitely better than mine. So, I have a little bit of experience with the character.

Fo those who might be intereted, done with TJ now. Now it’s just Rash and Maya to go, if I’m not mistaken.

any original KI players playing teejay combo ever feel sorry for sabrewolf aftter u ultra comboed him off the roof of a building and sabrewolf flys to the screen?