Dealing with Liquidize

Cinder main here
When I play Glacius online, I find players who use this move frequently are hard to punish. This isn’t about them using it to avoid my bombs, but rather using it up close. I try using third degree, stand mk or crouch mk but they whiff allowing him to punish me. Inferno startup is generally too long to punish him. A it a timing thing or does liquidize have a specific weakness up close? I already have to deal with cold shoulder straight up beating fireflash and hail stuffing my air approach, so any advice and comments are welcome

Liquidize is vulnerable to physical hits and grabs on the way down, invulnerable while submerged, and completely vulnerable on the way up.

Just time your meaties right (fission doesn’t work) if he’s using it on wakeup, and if he’s already submerged just use delayed third degree to meaty him on the way up.

Thanks for the info. I probably just need to get good but the timing to punish him on the way up feels really strict. If he goes straight into heavy pp when coming up from liquidize will I still stuff him?

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Yes. It’s like Fulgore’s teleport, there’s always a small window where he can’t do anything.