Dealing with Jago's DP on wakeup?

Hey guys,
Im maining Jago for the new year to learn the fundies of the game. One of the things I want to learn is, playing as and against Jago, when I get a hard knockdown, outside of baiting DP, how do I approach a knocked down jago?

My go-to strat is walk up and meaty on wakeup into shenanigans. But DP beats that. Do I just bait the DP with a shimmy and go back into the neutral game? Of the top of my head thats what I have as a solution but im not sure if its the best way.

There are crossup setups that can beat DPs as well, usually after throws. But if you have to approach them from the ground in front, then you have to make a decision on whether they will DP, and either block it or stand out of the way of it. You don’t have to give up all your offense, though. You can stand slightly out of range of throw and then press a delayed button while holding backwards. If they do a DP, you will block (because your delay means you haven’t pressed a button yet), and if they do nothing then you will attack them slightly after.


You play attack-block-throw. Few characters have options which outright invalidate invincible reversals whilst still maximizing wakeup pressure, that’s what makes DPs great defensive tools. Jago in particular has to make some form of tradeoff between pressure and caution.

Infil already covered the intermediate options I was going to go into.

I think there’s a block/throw/throw tech option select that works here as well, although I’m not sure. I know the game has one you can use to react to a neutral jump throw situation. I’m sure @Infilament will correct me if I’m wrong.

I generally just use shimmy (however you define this) to keep my opponent guessing about what I am going to do. I typically play Glacius and his backdash is awful, but for lots of characters a well timed backdash will escape DP, throw or stubby buttons on wakeup and can be a good option. But in general this is one of this Rock Paper Scissors scenarios where you are taking an educated guess. You will get hit by a DP sometimes. But make sure you punish any misses fully and you will reduce the likelihood that he tries it again.

main fulgore. knock down jago. walk up and act like ur going for a meaty. then med. teleport right on jagos wake up. he wifs both the attempted throw or DP😜. =profit

Some good players jump over my dp, kind of risky! :laughing: but it’s possible with some characters (not in the corner).

Whenever I read/hear that word this comes to my mind:

I usually meaty or bait dps, depending on the player to get the best reads. Then I can do whatever I want, neutral jump, block and shimmy :yum:
Just watch what they do and try to play according to that. It’s not a great idea to press buttons all the time when a character has invincible dp, but it’s a good idea to mix them up =)

Also, I like trading for fun (dash trhough-eclipse trolling) but I don’t recommend that to most Wulfs, there are better things you can do with that character :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Wow I have no idea what practically any of that means lol what do you mean " shenanigans" ?

shenanigans = all the options an offensive player has on an opponent standing up from getting knocked down.

Ahhhh ok I gotcha man. Thanks

I’d call that oki, not shenanigans… XD

But Yeah, as stated already, you need to bait the DP, but do so outside of grab range. shimmying is a good way to do this, as it’ll bait both a DP and a grab, and allow you to punish either one.