Dealing with Glacius

In the past, I never had issues with Glacius. I was able to out jump and out maneuver most of his shenanigans, but of late, I find myself getting murdered, then again most of these Glaciusi are incredibly good, often in the top 32.

The following is the primary issues that I have:

Jumping HK - Hits half way across the screen. Does incredible damage (for now). Glacius tends to rise quicker than Sadira does. Floaty jump becomes incredibly deadly at mid range and can stuff most of Sadira’s air antics.

I’ve tried heavy Recluse as well as Fang, but the timing seems pretty strict.

Second problem is pressuring Glacius. The best ones will use Puddle punch and or Liquidize to get around her pressure.

I think I may have learned something last night though. If you perform a medium WB, but don’t attack, if they perform Puddle punch, you’ll be able to block it instead. I’ll need to test this out to confirm though. It seemed to work last night at least.

What I find strange though is that I NEVER used to have issues with this MU. It seems like after they tweaked some of Glacius’ frames, that he’s become much more difficult. Then again, it could be that I’m no longer seeing noob Glacius or intermediate Glacius players, but getting consistent top players. I say they are top players due to their use of zoning, use of hail, and manuals.

Any good tech to get in on Glacius while avoiding jumping HK?

Try baiting them into thinking all your gonna do is jump so they Jump hk then stay grounded and dash underneath. Works great if you have instinct too just stick a web underneath them dash under em. I use to have trouble with this mu but it’s been alot easier lately.

Good advise. I’ll try it out. If I find anything useful, I will also post it here.

I’ll see if I can get some games in with RIMZ again and I’ll post a match I had with Wrathglacius yesterday. That should give you a good indicator of what to do. As a general note, you can safe jump Glacius with MK, and also patience and approaching on the ground is key in this MU.