Dealing with empty jump throws on Hisako?

So as I play hisako, I learn more and more about her. The one issue I have though is when (usually against good Shagos or Jagos) is that sometimes they know I want to try and counter them so they usually do empty jump - throw or empty jump -> jump -> throw and other variations.

Since Hisako has no real reversal, what are some ways I can avoid these situation/counter them?

he counter to that is low ounch quater circle command grab. it is the fastest move in the game and will catch them when they land to grab

I myself don’t use hisako. But I’ve certainly done that to hisako and I find good hisakos expect me to be doing that so they simply jump back.
She does well in the neutral since her normals reach further than most of the cast. So a simple jump back, or neutral jump into punish is a solid choice when expecting an empty jump.
Which in turn will condition them to start using their air normals… Which you will then start countering and voila! Mind games.

If they expect you to counter, don’t counter.
Start blocking jump-ins and get them in a combo when they land.

You could also try anti-airing if you get the chance to.

If they’re jumping in neutral, then just start anti-airing them. My general rule though is to just block, and if the opponent lands without me having to block anything, then I immediately tech throw.

Gets me opened up by empty jump low, but in general it’s a solid gameplan. I actually pride myself on being a relatively difficult Hisako to throw :-p

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Actually - if you want to beat a throw with Influence - you’ll want to pull out the heavy version. More throw invulnerable frames.

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This is pretty dang reliable. Another option is to block a jump in and then immediately jump, punishing their whiffed throw on the way down. A bit riskier but more reward.

Oh - and OP, great idea for a thread. Empty jump throws are the bane of many Hisakos.

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I usually save my counters for on reaction counters to teleport dive kicks. People who know hisako, know that a jump in attack is a free counter so they’ll often do the empty jumps as you describe, as such you need to identify which type of player you’re up against early on and it’s best to play it safe, just block and command grab until you know what you’re dealing with.


Thank you I did not know that

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cr.+HP -> [some ORZ juggles]-> jump cancel -> flipout/recapture

And they will regret that empty jump ^^

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It’s easy to deal with people that try to bait vengeance counters. Read when they do it, how often they do it and adjust accordingly. If you can react to the jump, crouching HP is a good anti air, and you can also wait and tech the throw then crouching MK hit confirm into a combo. It’s all in the read.