Dealing with Agression, backed into corner, wake ups


Nope. Potential Damage is always just potential - it means absolutely nothing unless the opponent can cash it out (via opener->something->ender). If you sit there and block Cinder’s inferno special repeatedly for 99 seconds, the match would end in a tie.


Yeah, white life is not life that has been subtracted from your health bar and then slowly regains… it’s actually not off your health bar at all until it is cashed out with an ender. If you and your opponent are tied for health with 1 second left, then Raam activates instinct and you take some white life, the match is still a draw (like Storm said). You can’t ultra someone until they have less than 15% real health left; adding white life doesn’t let you ultra them sooner. And even if you have literally 1 pixel of real life left, you can block all the Cinder infernos you want and you’ll never die.

I think there are only two characters in the game that do huge amounts of real chip damage, and those are Cinder and Eyedol. Most every other character doesn’t really do that much chip.


Yeah I know Cinder’s Inferno doesn’t affect your actual life unless its cashed out be an ender. But I thought RAAM’s Instinct did if stayed on long enough to affect the entire remainder of your 2nd Life Bar. I could’ve sworn I’ve seen it happen that way at some point. I can’t check now because I don’t currently have KI Installed.

So was I dreaming ? Did it ever work that way at some point and was then Patched out ? :thinking:


It never worked that way. Only thing I can think of is that maybe you got kryll rushed while Raam’s instinct was active? That’d do the DOT, and it’d be pretty impossible to see and differentiate the “personal” kryll effect in the midst of the storm VFX.


Hmmmm… That actually Sounds right now that I think about it. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Well then in that case its good to know the Potential Damage Mechanic works consistently for all characters. I thought some characters could bypass it.