Dead By Daylight VS Friday The 13th

So now that the game Dead By Daylight has been released… which seems pretty much like the Friday The 13th game minus Jason where you can play as a psychotic killer and try to kill the other players. However, there is a Michael Myers dlc addon for it which seems cool.
Anyways, has anyone tried both games, and if so which did you prefer?
I’ve only tried the Friday The 13th game so far but am trying to decide if Dead By Daylight is worth a try.

So I just seen this game for the first time last night and there are PC versions with Michael Myers!
But Myers isnt on the console version correct?

I def want to give it a shot!
Every review I read said this is the better game and F13 wishes it was as good as DBD

I honestly don’t know. I think maybe Michael Myers is dlc or upcoming dlc on consoles?
The Friday The 13th launch really disappointed me so as cool as this other game looks, I’m nervous about jumping into it… if that makes sense.

Oh totally makes sense! I was disappointed too and what really sucks is i debated whether I would get F13 on Xbox or Ps4 and I researched , asked around and I ended up choosing Xbox BEFORE it went to shittt and didnt work.
So now i do not trust the Michael Myers part of DBD. Ill wait until I see him confirmed before i make a purchase.
Im a Myers collector…I have all the novels and 7 masks. Masks made by artists, not the masks you get at a Halloween store. I have an original mold from the H1 Kirk and an original molded mask from Rzombie H1.
So I have to have a game with Myers in it!

I also have an original Hockey mask from F13 part 5 signed by the actor that played Jason and the artist that made the mask.

cool stuff!

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DBD has been out for a while as a result it has a lot more content and it’s a much more polished product. F13 is lacking heavily in content and it has a lot of bugs. This is based on the PC releases.

I still will make the argument that Friday should’ve been dubbed a general name to represent the vast majority of horror games so that it would be similar to DBD but also have its own charm.

That would mean that players could play as Jason, Myers, Freddy, Chucky, Hellraiser, etc. it would’ve added so much value to the game. I like Jason don’t get me wrong but eventually it will lose its uniqueness.

To be honest, I like F13 better than DBD.

Reasons because of how much effort and love they put into the game to make it as faithful as the movies. I like DBD as well, but it’s too…

Competitive. I like to relax, have fun and enjoy myself while playing horror games. The way the game plays (like I see on stream nowadays) is a lot more competitive, and I feel like it wasn’t designed to be that way. It seems more complex than it should be, and that kinda turns me off of this game.

But that’s just my opinion. DBD is a fantastic game, just not one I’m considering to buy. Maybe I’ll make a decision in the future.

Friday the 13th beats all expectations.