"Dead By Daylight" Movie Announced

DEAD BY DAYLIGHT: Blumhouse & James Wan Adapting Survival Horror Video Game For The Big Screen (comicbookmovie.com)

Oh yes :heart_eyes:

I’m just curious, how would a “Dead By Daylight” movie work? Would it just be a standard slasher, or would it be something along the lines of, say, “Cabin in the Woods”? There are tons of characters and killers/creatures, not including some of the guest characters from other IPs such as “Resident Evil”, etc. What do you think?

Haha, I was going to ask you do you like DBD too?
But to your questing, I don’t actually know. Maybe something where survivors and killers go to trials but maybe in this movie they have a change to escape from Entity’s realm? Or something like seeing better character’s backstories? I don’t know, but I still would like to see that movie. Just hope that will be good. I would like to see Killer Instinct movie too someday.
My friend thought the same about that movie as you did, actually.

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I’ve never played it, but it is a game that I wouldn’t mind trying, if only because of the Lovecraftian elements that it seemed to be hinting at in parts. That, along with some of my favorite characters from RE being in it along with Ash from “Evil Dead”.

You and me both. I like the idea of exploring character backstories, although I think that would be better off for something like, say, a TV series where you could have an episode dedicated to a given character or killer/creature and show what makes them tick while sort of alluding to certain elements from the game. The worst the movie could be is if it’s a continuous loop cycle of stalking, killing, etc. I mean, I get that’s kind of the game, but imo a movie should be more than demonstrating the gameplay loop and what is essentially the usual formula for the typical slasher, otherwise, it’s just going to be another slasher.

Same here.

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