DE owner, win10. Thanks for Shin, Kilgore, and Eagle. 2 problems?

Hi, and thank you for the 3 free characters to go with the steam release.

My 2 problems are, I can’t use any of the 3 new characters in shadow lords mode because it says I have to complete story mode with them, but there is no s3 story mode for me. Partially fixed, on it’s own See Edit.

[Edit: Shin and Eagle have decided they were ready to fight in Shadow Lords for no apparent reason. Kilgore remains unable to, though I suspect that might be kind of like the same reasons Omen and Gargos weren’t.]

Second issue, I know is being worked on, I have yet to receive gold and primal skins. Since I’ve read it will be rolled out within the next few days, (Been about a week now, I think) I’m curious when. Has anyone gotten theirs yet?

Still haven’t gotten the gold and terror skins. A little update would be nice. The silence is deafening.

so here’s the thing, back when kilgore came out, i remember having to find him in a shadow lords quest and then finish all parts of that quest before i could actually pick him. That might still be the case and you might still have to hunt him down in shadow lords first, and force him to help.

That makes sense with Kilgore. Thanks.

The quest is called Hot Lead. You need to fight him 4 times. You get the quest from Aria. No you don’t need her in your group to get the quest.

i don’t think that we should get the gold skins.(and i haven’t checked it)
so far i know they have only talked about the 3 characters.
"The second, and perhaps most important part, is that Killer Instinct: Definitive Edition owners will receive Kilgore, Shin Hisako, and Eagle for free! "

Thanks mate!

Also, DessIntress: This is a quote from the steam announcement q and a:

“Ultimately we decided on the following, and most important part of this paragraph: all Gold and Terror skin packs will be free for KI: Definitive Edition owners in the coming days.”

Maybe it should have said the coming weeks, but there’s no other way of reading it. DE version is getting gold and terror skins for free, whenever that happens.

The Steam QandA said we’re getting all the skins.