DC Universe Online Xboxone

So DCUO is out on that Xboxone BUT there is a few problems with game. after you finish making your character you have to wait in a Login Queue Meaning the Developers of the game have less servers and the queue takes around up to 1/2 hours of waiting once out of the way it try to load the game for you but then you get this.

So i’m just gonna warn everyone right now do not and i mean DO NOT download the game until further notice. I will update you on this game IF there is any improvements.

Can I use MY PC account?

The account appears linked to your GT no matter what. I had a character on PS3 from when the game first launched, but there is no way to look for anything unless it is linked to your Xbox gamertag.

As far as the OP, there are long login queues sometimes, but this morning I got on in less than five minutes. If you are interested in the game definitely check it out. It’s a true MMO - meaning you are going to point A, killing 36 monster B and destroying 10 machine Cs while 100 other people are doing exactly the same thing. If you can get some people together the game is fun and it has a sort of action RPG feel. But know what you are getting into.

I play this on PS4 and it’s really fun! I had no idea it was planned to come out to the Xbone though, so that’s cool. Hopefully there will be more/larger servers so the queue time won’t be so long.

I’m still in the process of getting it downloaded. When I do, I’ll let you guys know what I think of it here. :wink:

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I’m telling you do not download the xboxone version of this its terrible.

I have never seen the screen you posted and I played the game for a couple of hours on Saturday. Why are you so dead set against anyone downloading this free game?

The PC & PS4 versions are fine its just the xbox version is having issues at this time.

I downloaded today didn’t have any problems after creating my villain (yes I’m a bad guy he he) not problems with missions either. Could the problems have been solved?

This problem is only effecting certain people like me, but to be honest i uninstalled the game and gave up. :unamused: Very disappointed that i’ll never be able to play DCUO.

Love this!!! I first made a Psylocke and an Orchid and the. A Storm

First learned of tea bagging in DCUO

I’m on PSN

Hope Marvel heroes comes to console

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