DBZ Abridged

Where are my fellow Team Three Star members at? And if you love DBZ and haven’t seen this series yet, look it up on Youtube. They’re about halfway through the Cell Saga and it is fantastic.

I thought I would never see another fan here. Yes it is an awesome series.

I thought they stopped making the videos lol. They are awesome

No, they’re continuing but it just takes time and they have other things to do.

Yeap. They’ve got two other series that they’re working on. But they’re up to 52 episodes for DBZ. They are at where Cell had become Perfect and kicked Vegeta to the curb.

Oh gosh, the lines. I swear, TFS has some of the most quotable dialogue of any medium.

Vegeta: "In mere moments, all you will feel is oblivion!!!"
Cell: “That, or disappointment. Go ahead. Flip that coin.”

What other ones are they working on I remember watching yu yu hakasho abridged don’t know if they work on that though

They also do Hellsing Abridged, on a semi-annual basis, and FF7 Machinabridged.

Team Three Stars? Interesting never head of them lol.
There is something strange
In that comment.
Who are you going to call?

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Haha, just referencing Krillin’s team name on Namek.

Look vegeta a chaioutzu i’m going to catch it!

‘all these squares make a circle’ - lord popo

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“Hellzone Grenade!”

“Aww, it even has a cool name…”

“I am hilarious and you will quote everything I say…”

Trunks: "Father! You can’t just blow up the planet. Come on!"
Krillin: “Waaaaaay past the bargaining stage.”

#You think your favorite quotes are better then mine?


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#You think your favorite quotes are better then mine?[/quote]

Also, lest we somehow forget this incredible moment…

You’re either perfect…

…or you’re not me.


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Dragon ball PeePee is best anime!

: D

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Nice to see other fans here! :smiley:

Oh dear…

We’re talking about DBZ Abridged in this thread, guys. Let’s keep it on topic! :wink: