Day 1 request. Please fix Ready To Body achievement


Iron Galaxy says it’s Microsoft

Steam says it’s Microsoft

Microsoft says it’s Rare (LOL)

Rare says we didn’t make this game it’s Microsoft.

Microsoft then says it’s Steam or maybe Rare, no wait Double Helix, I mean Iron Galaxy.

All of this and no one wants to fix the problem.

Someone please fix this or point me in the right direction. Call me Andy Dufrense.


I think you’re just going to have to get over it and move on. If you are so obsessed over a steam achievement then it might be more productive to talk to your therapist rather than MS.

They are clearly not going to fix it.


Sorry dude, truly I am. I’ve been on the opposite end of bugged achievements and no amount of complaining or asking devs fixed it for me.

Sometimes they didn’t have a dedicated team for the game anymore, other times they just didn’t care. Most of the time, they just couldn’t pass on the complaints of one or a few people to the right people working in the specific department. You know what though, that’s alright.

Hate to say it, but just have to say ■■■■■ this and move on to something more engaging or worthwhile. Good luck to you.

Lol “s c r e w” got censored. How funny.