Dawn of war 4

I always loved dawn of war it same they didn’t do much of dawn of war 3 I say do dawn of war 4.

Factions hero .

Space marine.

imperial guard.

Sister of battle.

Eldar .

Tau .


Grey knight.

Factions villians .

Chaos space marine.

Chaos demon.

Orks .

Dark Eldar .

Necrons .

Neutral factions


the best DoW was part 1. i loved the dark crusade and soul storm single player campaign system they had. to me that was amazing, and i had some truly grueling battles with my chaos marines. DoW 3 was kind of a return to form in that it had large battles again, but ■■■■■■■ did they really ■■■■■ it up. they turned it into a ■■■■■■■ MOBA. what in the actual ■■■■

It be nice if

Warhammer 40k team games do eldar in action and shooting.

I :heart: eldar so much

It be epic play as eldar exarch

Who got idea of dawn of war 4

Characters idea to hero to there factions ?.