Dave Lang and Ed Boon talk around KI before IG was announced as developer

Interesting and funny video in which Dave Lang and Ed Boon talk about fighting games with only two people in the room knowing that IG is going to be the next KI developer. Shows how even though Dave and IG can be reckless cheeseballs they tend to keep info on a tight lockdown.


That was a good watch - thanks! :slight_smile:

everybody in that video is not sober lololol

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Don’t be surprised if somewhere down the line we are hit with a MK vs KI in the near future. Don’t be surprised if the development schedules of these two games have been in tandem since the launch of KI in 2013. You’d be surprised at the types of things that occur behind closed doors.

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MK vs KI is a good thing because more KI is always a good thing

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More KI is a good thing and less MK is a good thing. MK has gone downhill since MK2 and when you keep pumping out sequels and milking it like a Mario game people get bored. That is why MK doesn’t have the masses that get excited like in its hey day. KI on the other hand was dormant for a long time and not due to lack of success. I think it is good to avoid franchise fatigue and bring games back after many years.

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This, don’t mix the greatness of KI with the bs that is Mk. I still can’t believe how disappointing MKX was for me. Seriously, people here will think I’m just an MK hater but MK was the game I was the most hyped for this year, bought preorder edition with season pass and then after two days playing it it was just garbage, online is unplayable, the roster is lame (much worse than mk9) etc… Droped it after a week.


Wow, they are really ripped…

I wouldn’t count on that crossover. Ed doesn’t look like he’s having nearly as much fun as Dave.

Pretty sure the last two MK games have sold over a million and are the best selling fighting games…

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Nope, Tekken and street fighter are. If you are talking about individual games and not the entire franchise then its smash.

lol Tekken. Now am pretty certain Tekken has not sold anywhere near what MKX and MK9 have, also it’s already confirmed MK9 outsold SF4.Hell SFV wasn’t even going to be made because they couldn’t fund the game without Sony’s help. But yeah, Smash has done pretty well but to be fair the majority of people don’t consider it a real fighting game.

https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_best-selling_video_game_franchises there you go, mi just surpassed sf with mkx, should Change again with sfv. And tekkensold way more.

Nice, knew MK was beating SF. Seeing as how their are multiple SF games last gen it’s no surprise the the accumulative sales would catch up.

More interesting would be the sales numbers of MKX, SFV, and the new Tekken at release. Say what you will but Tekken is no longer as popular as it once was. Seeing as how MK and maybe Tekken will be on multiple systems I think MK has it in the bag.

1 million is not what it was selling around the time of MK1 and MK2, pretty sure that it was millions and millions and from there the sales slope goes lower and lower with each iteration after that. It doesn’t have the impact it had back in the 1990’s. I even remember people playing other arcades while MK3 and MK4 collected dust while the same 4 people weren’t around to play it at the arcade.

Should be called Lang Show, where he do a whole bunch of commentaries about different games… while not sober.

I wouldnt call it multiple Games, i ser it more like seasons which is what it basically was, the season model just wasnt as prevalent as it is nowadays l. SFIV=Game, SSFIV= season 2 etc… Think about it, it was the same game, characters were added and that’s basically it. But I get what you are saying, every sale counts as 1 more.


The link is fascinating, and without questioning it’s accuracy it’s probably not appropriate to gauge current popularity based on lifetime franchise sales. Although I admit the fact that Pokemon is crushing Call of Duty makes me smile.

MK had some lousy years in the early 2000s and Tekken sold a ton of copies during that time. It doesn’t account for the differences in numbers of releases, trends through time platforms released etc. There’s no truly accurate representations, but if you look at the numbers for MK 9, SF IV, and Tekken 6 (which are the closest comparable releases) on VG chartz you see the following:

SF IV (vanilla): 8.22 Million (360, PS3, PC, iOS and 3DS)
MK 9: 4.73 million (360, PS3)
Tekken 6: 4.33 Million (360, PS3 and PSP)

VGChartz can’t track digital sales, and some people certainly bought these games for multiple platforms. So, if you just take a look at the best selling platform for all 3, which was PS3, you get:

SF IV: 4.10 million
Tekken 6 : 2.73
MK 9: 2.73 million

The data are imperfect, but that’s always true. I think it’s fair to say that SF is the most popular fighting game (which should surprise no one) and that Tekken and MK are both closely grouped in second place. I’d probably give the edge to MK just because of the fact that it had greater sales on two platforms than Tekken 6 on 3 platforms, but we are not talking about anyone getting stomped here.

Just for reference, MK X is currently clocking in at a much lower 2.36 million on X1 and PS4 - but this is actually much better than MK 9 considering the combined install base is way lower than for PS3 and 360 in 2011.

So there you go. Data. These numbers tell you nothing about tournament popularity, average hours played by the purchaser, whether people acutally LIKE the game after they buy it etc. But they give some indication of popularity.

I don’t think personal experiences like that accurately reflect the popularity of games. See KI which I never knew existed in arcades but the Polygon article on the arcade cabinet said it was hugely successful. My personal experience in arcades does not reflect how well the games did.

Who said I’m basing sales # on what I saw in an arcade, that is just half the story. The reality is if you didn’t know KI was in the arcade you are probably not informed and I’m informing you that it was very successful and MK isn’t what it was since the 90’s after MK2, just on its popularity there has been a steady decline with each iteration, not growth. Sales are blown out of proportion and they sometimes inflate numbers to make themselves look very successful but you must remember they release each iteration on every console to make as much money back.

You support your argument with “. I even remember people playing other arcades while MK3 and MK4 collected dust while the same 4 people weren’t around to play it at the arcade.” implying that your experience is causation. None of what you say in the statement I replied to had source data and was mostly your hunch.