Dat Sexy Robo Aria Tech

Aria is a GODLIKE robo queen with the ability to make basically any attack safe such as using BLADE assist before a grab and if they tech they get hit if they dont well we all know what happens then. Using BASS assist before some openers makes you safe as well as letting you confirm combos better if they get hit since that mess hits like 3 times and has pretty good stagger. Some more kewl stuff has do with Aria’s non existent cross up but imma throw a little secret at u. If u get a hard knockdown and wanna be feisty throw down BASS assist to cover your jump and do a little version of her vortex so while they block the assist you can push their S**T in. So about the vortex that your mouth is watering over if u get a combo to a lvl 3-4 explosive arc ender you can throw out a 2HK which gets a hard knockdown then dash forward throw out BASS assist jump over and slap their butts while they block the assist LOL. The rest of the tech im willing to throw at the internet is about her unbreakable setups in BLADE body. If u get a medium allegro and cancel that into shadow explosive arc and cancel that on hit 1-3 into instinct then instantly MINI DRONE assist then cancel that into medium punch and end the combo they cant break any of it YAY. The number of mini drones u have correlates to how many bodies you left so less bodies equals more drones which equals more manual and special cancels as well as more combosssssssssssssss. Evolve or Die fellow Aria lovers.

I always liked aria. she looks bad ■■■, has the posture of someone who’s ready to kick some ■■■, and her play style is unique. The only problem was I could never get used to using her crazy mix ups.

Aria has multiple lovers?

Seriously, I love your enthusiasm. It will get even better for us in season three it seems, of course assuming you can keep your bodies from dying…

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Computers are connected with each other all over the world, so technically, Aria has over 1 billion “Lovers” :open_mouth:

As long as we all stick to a somewhat symbiotic relationship with our girl Aria we can keep loving her and exploring new feisty tech LOL.

Thank You ;p
Im just a KI fan trying to spread as much useful tech as possible

She definitely is sexy. Damn, I have a weakness for sexy robots.