Dashing/Aerial Daggers? Whaaat? (Tips, Tricks, & Advice?)

So, obviously I’m not a Maya main, even though I try and play across the cast as much as possible. I’ve gotten to Level 50 with every character, so at times I feel there’s not a lot left to learn with a lot of characters, even if I’m mediocre-decent at best. Every once in a while, however, I find something messing around with a character that I had NO IDEA it was in their tool box.
This thread is one of those times. Messing around with Maya after grinding for Shago colors, I accidentally put in the input for Dashing Shago Uppercut by mistake. I figured that would be the end of it and I’d just look goofy and get punched in the face. To my surprise, a dagger came out. I thought it was a fluke, that I’d somehow buffered a fireball motion by mistake, but after a quick test I had full dagger pips from nothing but Dash>Punch.
Then I decided to play around and see what else I could do. I knew she could throw a dagger from her uppercut recovery to make it safe, but I began to wonder; could she throw them from the air? As I’m sure the Maya mains that will see this are aware, she certainly can.

As you can well imagine, this has opened up a new frontier for me in regards to potentially playing more Maya. Before I can do that, though, I need some advice. So, Maya mains or people with more general knowledge of this sort of shenanigans: How do I make the most effective use of these tools? I think it’d be entertaining to try out some tech and get better with the character.

TL;DR- Just found out that Maya can throw daggers from the air and from a dash. How do I get good?

Jeez, getting to 50 must have been rough if you didn’t know she could do that. But have you never fought or seen any Maya’s doing that stuff and wondered about it?

I might have seen it once or twice, but I don’t often venture online in game, and since I never saw it in her Command List…
I think remember the air daggers from an ultra video or two, but I just thought that the dashing daggers were people with really good timing dashing and then using a fireball input rather than just dashing into punch.
It did change my perspective on her though. I already thought she was a good character since she had some shoto elements with a unique twist, but now that I know she can do throw a fireball just by dashing it’s going to totally change the way I approach the character.

Look up a KI player on YouTube named Pink Diamond - she’s the best Maya player I know (she competed rather successfully in 1 of the biggest FG tourneys around; I think she made 2nd place).


You weren’t kidding Galactic, this girl is absolutely nuts!
I don’t think I clearly grasped the kind of thing I was in for until I saw the C88 in front of her GT.
So many daggers, such spacing, that pressure…

Dash daggers are mostly just used in instinct - it’s a great way to lose one otherwise. Air daggers are good to check people in neutral, and to keep them from just down+backing all the time in preparation of mantis.