Dash frames

I can’t seem to find any info regarding how long character dash frames are. Same with jumps. Anyone know where I can find them?

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I’d like to know this information as well. Dash inv frames, duration and recovery, as well as jump duration.

I think that’s one of the few pieces of info that I can’t find either in game or in Infil’s guide.

Or maybe I didn’t search as well as I should have? xD

Well there are some thigns like jago’s jump is 48 frames total (4 pre and 4 landing 40 in the air). Gargos’ dash is somewhere near the 30’s. It’s a really long dash both in distance and speed. But I want to know the finer details because it’s important to know.

Yeah I don’t know all the dash frames, but I would like to.

I have a capture card and could mine all the data myself in an evening, but it’s a fair bit of work.


I just don’t understand why IG never put it out. I don’t expect you to do it. But perhaps IG forgot. Whose the best dev to tag for this?

I think I’m gonna measure all the characters forward and backward dashes. It won’t be that time consuming.

Doing some preliminary testing right now, I realized that every character has 5 frames of unthrowable prejump. I thought it was 4 but I guess it either changed in S3, or I was always wrong.

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I can tell you right now that there should be 7 frames of fully invincible frames for back dash and 11 for grab if I remember correctly from Zin_Ramu’s twitter.

So…they have 5 pre jump frames? Hmmm I guess that would make sense since noone has a 4f normal. OH and since it’s dashes I was going through your guide again and saw you listed backdashes as 8. Now the dojo says 7…unless it changed stealthily?

Which also brings me to another point. Are all dashes/backdashes grounded for their entire duration? Over the course of my playing history I’ve come to the conclusion they are.

Well, I’ll definitely be curious to see this data. Curious if Hisako’s backdash is as bad as it feels :joy:

Out of curiosity, how do you check the unthrowable pre-jump frames? Just a frame step to see when the character actually leaves the ground while jumping a meaty throw?

I do it off frame advantage. So say somethings’ +1 on block. You jab them should be able to keep them grounded. Then try something with 0 on block (or hit shouldn’t matter) and try to jab and see what happens.

Fulgore follows this, yes. I just tested Kim, though, and she is fully invincible for 11 frames (she doesn’t get a hittable box on frame 8 like Fulgore does). I imagine this is a glitch with Kim, though. I’ll report it in the bug thread after I do the rest of my data collection.

Yes. I think this was NOT the case in S2, but is now the case in S3.

I capture video at 60fps. Then I turn on input display + hitboxes, and count the number of frames without a throwable hurtbox as soon as I see the up arrow for the jump. There are 5 distinct frames before the throw box comes back, and there are 5 distinct frames where the character “looks” grounded (ie, the frame where they appear to leave the ground for the first time, the 6th frame, seems to match when they become throwable again).

You can do this yourself even without a capture card by recording a local replay, then just doing a jump. Then, finish the match real quick, then go boot the replay up, turn on input display + hitboxes and do frame step. This is really annoying though because you can’t go backwards a frame like I can in video software, and you have to always finish the entire match and suffer a bunch of loading times in order to see the first 2 seconds that you care about.

Yeah, once you mentioned hitbox display I was like “oh, that makes way more sense.” You can do a lot with hitboxes, input display, and frame stepped replays :slight_smile:

That’s also another way.

I remember talking to KikoMaster, a Riptor player, who said that Jago can just hold up after certain setups and escape all of Riptor’s options in S2, but then he found out that Jago can’t do that in S3 anymore, despite nothing (supposedly) changing about this particular Riptor setup. He was really surprised to learn this, said it changed the matchup in his mind. So yeah, that’s proof enough to me that some jumps in S2 had 4f of prejump, and now the standardized version is 5f for everyone.

I’ll be sure to test every character when I do the rest of my dash testing, since my method for testing involves dashing + jumping and then counting the dash until I see the first prejump frame, so I’ll just double check every character’s prejump while doing this.

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Yeah the more you say it and the more I think about it. The more it makes sense. Since anything 0 would still get jabbed but you would get nothing else from it except a soft knckdown you weren’t obviously planning and throws you off.

So I went ahead and did this. Started my own topic for it so I can have control over the OP (apologies to this thread’s OP).


Your answers here are fascinating.

I’m curious: Keits demo’d RAAM a few weeks ago, as you know. In that demo, he showed off a frame trap then went crouching LP into light stabby special. I’m not sure how that’s possible, because crouching LP is an even 0 on block, but light stabby has a full 10 frames of startup. With 5 jump frames, the opponent should be able to jump escape that stab easily, right?

Any idea what I’m missing? Thanks a ton for any advice you can give me.

Oh and just so people are aware Jago’s shadow fireball is -4 on block, not -3.

Specials in KI can be canceled into from normals, meaning you can get rid of the recovery frames on your normals and go straight into the start-up of your special. So if you’re canceling into light stab from LP, it might not be fast enough to combo, but you’re eliminating enough of the LP’s frames that it becomes a legit frame trap.

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That’s the ticket. Thanks a lot!