Darkstalkers-inspired characters

Since Capcom isn’t bringing Darkstalkers back, perhaps character concepts from that can go into KI.

Except Sabrewulf was made before Jon Talbain. Lord Raptor is a zombie but Spinal is an undead skeleton.

As for the others…
Kan-Ra: Anakaris
HIsako: Bishamon & Hsien-Ko
Fulgore: Huitzil
Cinder: Pyron

If there were other Darkstalker-like characters…

  • Felicia - Catwoman
  • Demitri & Donovan (except he’s a half-breed) - Vampire
  • Morrigan & Lilith - Succubus
  • Victor - Frankenstein
  • Rikuo - Merfolk
  • Sasquatch - Cryptid
  • B.B. Hood - Hunter
  • Q-Bee - Insect
  • Jedah Dohma - Demon (but a “grim reaper”)