Darkstalkers following Street Fighter IV/V

Will we hope to see Darkstalkers brought back to life in SFIV/V’s style?

Plus new characters, new stories, updated gameplay, etc.


They already tried testing the waters with the remaster but it didn’t take off. So i dont think there will be a new version anytime soon or even ever

Ono is still fighting to make that happen.

capcom tested the waters in a real shithouse way too. they tossed us what was essentially darkstalkers 3 with online play just shortly after releasing the ps1 version of darkstalkers 3. what sucks more is that Darkstalkers Resurrection sold pretty well too and was prolly top 3 in sales if i recall correctly and capcom said that “it was disappointing”. i mean seriously, what the ■■■■ kind of numbers were those idiots even wanting?? after seeing the clusterfuck that is SF5, i am convinced they’re a bunch of fools.

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At this point, I don’t really care if Capcom made a fighting game. They already ruined SFV for me with that weak release.

I would play it! =D

I just hope they can make Darkstalkers good again.

Make good finishing moves like the SF characters did in 4. And not too much “fatality” like MK.

They never had fatalities so why would the next have them?