Darksiders 2: Deathinitive Edition

To anyone who is in the same boat as me who loved Rise of the Tomb Raider, but was disappointed that the Puzzles/Challenge Tombs were too easy and too few, I recommend checking out Darksiders II on the Xbox One. This game will also appeal to anyone that enjoys the God of War or Bayonetta series.

I never even heard of this game before, but got it from my bro for Christmas and I have been playing it the last week or two pretty hardcore. The puzzles in this game are what I was hoping for in Tomb Raider. Brain teasers that took a bit of time and thinking to overcome. Some of which I had to break from, and come back with new eyes the following day.

Also, Darksiders II is basically a God of War clone. You play as Death, who moves just like Kratos and Lara, but has better transversal abilities (climbs faster, can run on walls, etc.) The combat feels exactly like GoW as well. However, similar to World of Warcraft, you upgrade your gear (both stats and appearance) as you progress, which keeps him always looking fresh and badass, and with improved weapons and stats. Also similar to WoW, you have a talent tree which allows you to customize Death’s special abilities to some degree.

I’m at about the 15-hour mark so far and am loving Darksiders II. Just throwing that out there for any God of War fans looking for a new game to try.


I still prefer Darksiders 1 since it had a combo system very much like DMC or Bayonetta. The only gripe I had with 2 was the gear system, but I dislike that in almost any game. Still a solid game with really good puzzles and a large enough world to be satisfying.

does this series have a Story Mode + mode after completing the game, to allow you to replay with your upgrades?

I have it! reminds me of Dantes Inferno! Which is one of my favs of all time! I havent gotten very far into it as I went on to play ROTTR and havent went back yet. I got to the big Red bearded dude and lady and set on the first mission in that area.
I didnt know it had puzzles and tomb type deals…cool!

Not sure about the first one, completed the story only.
The 2nd one has an Apocalyptic mode which I think is New Game+…? Someone will have to confirm that for me.

I much preferred Darksiders 1. Hated how every new area in 2 was get these 3 things. I also felt they reall overdid the puzzles to the point I would just sigh every time I encountered one.

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Can’t confirm the existence of a NG+ for the first one, I did an apocalyptic 100 % run and never touched it again. There is one for Darksiders 2 (Apocalyptic is just the difficulty, I did two runs on that difficulty, my first one and the NG+)

Note that the game, for a reason I ignore, blocks your character level to 22 during your first playtrough, if you want the level 30, you have to do a NG+ run (not sure if you can change the difficulty but at level [20;30], you can crush the game, even in the hardest setting)

Speaking of that game, it’s not bad (It looks really good, the music was cool, Death is easy to use and the combat system better than Darksiders’, but certainly not as good and deep as DMC or Bayonetta) but I think he has a lot of defaults :

  • The story telling is bad, the characters are uninteresting (Death especially, he is not a horseman, he is a little doggy, except in the prologue.)
  • Bad optimisation. I had a lot of bugs, freeze, frames drop on my 360 (and the Dethinitive edition seems to have some)
  • The end of the game is rushed. I know that THQ got some problems so I can understand why that’s like that but the last donjon is bad (even though it has potential), the final boss is ridiculous, the ending terrible.
  • Side quests, except two, are boring (and similar to main missions. “Hey Death, I lost every pages of a book, go find them”)
  • Riddles are easy, déjà vu in a billion of games, répétitives. Well, the series isn’t known for his originality (I mean, Darksiders is just a God of War Zelda with a bit of Portal, Panzer Dragoon or some RPG/TPS)
  • The overworld is bigger than Darksiders’ one. But it is also emptier.
  • Oh, and cherry on the cake, there is a terrible TPS sequence in the game.

To me, that’s more like the Detheptive Edition (that pun works better with “décevant” and the way french actors call Death by his name)

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Thanks for the info! I’ll definitely be doing a 2nd run through. I was also wondering what the Level cap is, so you answered that as well, thanks.

I like Death. He made me chuckle a few times.

Did you really mean for it to sound like Deceptive with a lisp? :smile:

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I had no other choice to make that pun :grinning:

That’s why I said that it works better with the french translation, instead of Death, they called it “Des” so that would make Deatheptive or Deathevant.

I like Death. He made me chuckle a few times.

THQ/Vigil Games sold me a badass warrior, feared by everyone, angel, demons, humans, …
Just look at that : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GXOZIIELMZI

I bought the game 80 euros (the collector with the mask, great collector by the way).I started it … The prologue was great, and what I was expecting at the moment. A merciless warrior who did what has to be done.
And then, first world and my fearless badass horseman turned into a dummy which obeys to anyone. Well, in fact, he looks cool trough the game but he is far, really far, to the charismatic guy I wished to play. And the ending don’t help the character.

By the way, Death’s french voice is Jason Statham’s one. A surprising choice, and too bad I saw Crank (or Crank 2) before playing the game :laughing:


Just beat the game for the 2nd time AND destroyed the Crucible.

I was a little sad to find out I couldn’t do a 3rd runthrough with my gear, but I certainly got my moneys worth.

I’ll be posting a video of all the boss fights to my YouTube channel soon.

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Went to make a topic about this game and it was already done. I’m like 5-7 hours in. I really enjoy it. I wanted to try out Castlvania LoS2 but can’t on Xbone so I got this when i noticed it. He’d be so cool in KI too.

I just got around to finishing the original 360 version after it spent a few years collecting dust, I was reminded how much I wasn’t fan of the story or the customization options. There is a grind for some of the achievements which is what makes me not want to pick up the game again. Crucible wave 80 onwards was a ■■■■■ on Apocalyptic in New Game +, but then I realized you can set the difficulty lower and it was a breeze.

I was able to beat the Crucible on Apolcalyptic New Game+, but I didn’t know there was a secret boss at the end if you did it in one sitting without dying, until after I finally beat it :confused:

Is it the really easy clown like guy, Wicked K? Coz I got him, and I definitely didn’t finish in one sitting.

That’s him. I heard to fight him, you couldn’t use any of your ‘Start at Wave 25’ or whatever transports. You have to go from 1-100.

I don’t like the story one bit to be honest. I always thought that if Ninja Gaiden on Xbox tried for a better story that the game would have nothing to complain about. But now I think that it did it right. Unless if one is going to really go out and do it big and right it actually makes me less committed. In Ninja Gaiden you just had some great CGIs and cool bosses to see. If they would have been giving crappy dialogue and goofy voice acting for its goofy plot it would have hurt it. In Darksiders 2 the lame plot would be better forgotten.

I do love dungeon crawling a lot in it. And I really like the way a lot of the loot looks like on Death. I won’t say I’m disappointed in the story because I really don’t care about it, but I will say I was actually hoping for a more hardcore combo system. I didn’t know the game was going to be so mashy.


Pretty sure that’s not true. I died on wave 99 a few times on Apocalyptic before switching difficulties and starting from wave 75. It just gave me the option to fight him at the end.

I never notice this thread until now… Hey, I’m biggest fan of Darksiders franchise! My DS2 achievement almost get 100%! I think I should play DS2 soon…

BTW, we have good news!

Nice! I never played the first one, so that would be a great time to pick it up. If only my TV was 4K…
My PC and my gaming system both run through the same TV. But it’s 65", so replacing it is gonna be damn expensive.
I’m probably gonna have to do that next year when the new consoles come out though. Not sure if I’m ready to make that leap quite yet.

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