Dark Helmet, guest character!

Continuing the discussion from Why does Jago not have an actual Laser Sword?:

I’m afraid I can’t recommend this dark one.

He has terrible rushdown:

A self damaging torpedo attack:

And his zoning is very predictable and exploitable:

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He would be like Killer Instinct’s version of Dan Hibiki.

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Flying Winnebago Intro.

Dark Helmet’s outro!

Words cannot express how happy I was to find out this was a joke thread, rather than an actual Guest suggestion!

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Welcome to worst guest KI thread!

I feel Simpson Comic Book guy should be in here any moment now…

And since I don’t know where or how people generate these memes, it’s not gonna be from me…

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why not anybody from The Running Man with schwarzennegar?


what happened to Buzzsaw? HE HAD TO SPLIT


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Wow, you just described Dan from Street Fighter. :stuck_out_tongue:

I never forget that movie! It’s was awesome!