Dark Catastrophe - I Can't tell which strength is being used

I’m having trouble telling which strength of Dark Catastrophe is being used (the 45 degree dragon punch move). They all look the same to me. Does anyone know how to tell them apart?

I’m not sure either, but have you tried counting the number of hits? That’s often a good way to tell. :wink:

Each one does 4 hits (8 on surge) :anguished:.

Dark Fury (his normal DP) has different amount of hits for each strength tho (Light=1, Medium=3, Hard=5 & Surged up L=5 M=7 H=9).

Incoming rant: Unless I’m missing something, shouldn’t Dark Catastrophe be similar to his Dark Fury? Obviously I can avoid breaking them and wait for something easy to break but you should be able to tell what you’re breaking at all times imo. Obviously juggle combos should be harder to break than normal combos cos the attackers options are limited compared to someone doing a combo on the ground.

Cinder sorta has this problem with the second and third hit of his trailblazer. They are really hard to tell apart because any strength can go in any direction (each strength has different lengths but you can’t tell when he’s hitting up close) but his recap is really easy to break so it’s not as big of a deal whereas Shago’s recap is a shadow move where you can time it with certain juggles so you only hit with that last 2 hits and it becomes unbreakable.

I’m not a combat designer and maybe it’s intentional considering Shago and Cinder are the weakest characters in the game but I feel it’s a bit weird to have moves that you have to guess break or not break at all.

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Shadow Jago is not weak lol. His Dark Fury juggles off a throw, if you use a single surged one into shadow cash out is 35%+, with instinct he has the capacity to deal a 100% juggle combo using Dark Fury. All Ambiguous and guess break too. It will probably be changed soon, just give it time. However for now, just go have fun with it. Have anyone you dislike online? Hit them with a few of those :wink:

Yeah his juggles are surprisingly strong. I was talking more about his meterless normal combos when I called him among the weakest in the roster.

I’m definitely enjoying shago so far, haven’t played my main Glacius in a while cos of him