I’m playing on gold rank and omen is getting creamed by fulgores shadow jagos rashes. Any tips on facing these characters on level 50?


Character levels don’t matter all they determine is how long you’ve played the character for and with all the xp boosts now it’s not that hard. Anyway the rash MU is kind of tricky because if he gets you in the corner he can wreck you, so as omen you need to get him in the corner instead keep up the pressure. His wrecking ball can countered by standing H.K., medium or heavy rashakukens or shadow form,

As for shago and fulgore I would recommend shadow orda shield, it keeps their teleports under control for a bit(especially shago) and of course rashakukens lots and lots of rashakukens because nobody wants to try and get in on you with those crazy little basards flying everywhere. Sorry if this was not that helpful but it’s a bit late and I’m tired as all hell lol.


As an Omen main…rash is by far my hardest match up for Omen. He just cant contend while up close or far way.
I like to try and catch him with a jumping HK and send him flying to the corner and then put on the pressure with a shadow form in the wait in case I get into trouble.

Also do not attack low when up close…all of Rash’s normal’s beat Omens crouching attacks when it matters. Standing MP and Standing HP beat Rash’s normal…but be ready to follow up quickly if you land one.
Be ready to tech throw at a moments notice and also study Rash’s auto doubles and linkers so you can break on reaction.
Thats the best advice I have…good luck


I was going to suggest using shadow orda shield to get in, but it then occurred to me that that’s like giving Rash a free meal, complete with the trimmings, since he could just stand back and gobble them all up for shadow meter… :frog:


Yeah I havent tried that too much to confirm or deny if it works. I will give it a shot tonight and see. If he is standing back and playing patient then like you said it may not work well. But if he is zipping around non stop… it may serve a purpose.

One move that not many use with Omen and Im really trying hard to make it my staple but I forget…
Standing HP
It has a ton of reach, strength, and when it connects you can easily cancel into Rashakuken and link in a manual into combo. Even if you dont link a full combo you can continue the pressure and slowly knock away life with the blocks strings.

It may be his best move. But beware of crouching MK attacks against Rash and a lot of other characters. Their standing attacks just crush the heck out of it.

I played a super jumpy Rash the other day and it was very hard to deal with. I could sometimes anti-air with jumping HK, or trade with a light orda shield, but Rash’s jumping normals are so good that they would often beat me out or wrecking ball would eat my attack. Seems like the only thing I could do was slide under to escape the corner. I think I’m lacking a good anti air + combo to stop him from jumping. Any Ideas?

Try doing this with a follow-up attack while he’s still recovering from his wrecking ball. In other words, hit him in the back. :wink:

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THere isnt much you can do to be honest. HE wins in all the situations you mentioned so you have to find a new way and make him play your game. You will not win if you are playing Rashs game. You have to pressure him and get him in the corner or fill the screen up with constant rashakukens to where he cant eat them all without leaving him self open. DOnt get to close but not too far away either.

I play a lot of Shadow Jago and facing Omen is tough because both of them do awful damage. I guess I would wait for Shadow Jago to slide or just use rashakukens? I dont play much ranked so for exhibition that’s my best advice.

Yeah, I do that. It’s just that it’s almost a hard read at that point (to slide out). I’ll lab it up some later.

What is Omen’s best anti-air combo. Like off a cr. HP or st. HK? Is it something like cr. HP~MP orda shield~Shadow orda shield?