Daily Rewards


Daily Rewards are given every single day just for logging in to shadow lords ?

What is multiplayer gaunlet ?
It’s written play multiplayer match.
I tried to play multi player mode for shadow lords but I can’t get anybody online.
I think it was written ready and invite. Nothing happened. Maybe I’m supposed to have
someone I know to invite ?
Those rewards seem good. Astral energy and gems.

Shadow mission loot.

Shadow missions are those missions written S ?
I see player names when fighting. So i thought it’s a human player but it seems it’s not.
Is it an AI computer player made by human player’s fighting pattern ?

S100 this means shadow points 100 ? What are shadow points for ? I don’t think it’s used to buy items.


Shadow points allow you to buy shadow skins and play shadow lab. You can pay a certain amount to fight a certain shadow…if you win you get double the shadow points if you loose you loose those shadow points.

Shadow lords multiplayer might be dead. It never really took off.


He is right SL multiplayer never took off. It came down to who ever has the better cards wins. The points are for the purple skins that you fight in SL mode and shadow mode. Each character has a shadow skin. The prices vary based on the character.


oh so no way to get those free gaunlet stuff, 1200 astral energy 600 astral gems and on daily. =p


Also doesn’t help that I got a few guardians nerfed…