Daily Loot Not Working?

Is there a reason that my profile isn’t being credited for the Daily Loot? I know for a fact that the last 2 KI Gold drops haven’t credited, so that’s at least 5 days that it hasn’t been working. I can unlock the Gauntlet, Daily Rewards, and Multiplayer Gauntlet in Shadow Lords no problem, but it’s pretty annoying seeing all that loot just disappear. Help please!!


I actually haven’t noticed, but I was. Wondering why my gold count want getting bigger. I also noticed that the day counter reset even though I didn’t miss a day. So I went from reward day 87 or something to reward day 1. Is there like a cap on how many days your reward counter we’ll go before it resets

I know that with Gold you have to exit and restart the game for it to appear. At least that what I’ve experienced (along with a few others if I recall correctly).
Don’t know about losing progress though. I’ve gone days or even weeks without playing and I still come back to the same level of progress.

I’ve tried the reset trick on the last 2 Gold deposit days and got nothing. I waited a day since yesterday thinking it meet take a day to credit and still nothing.

My level of progress never decreased when I missed days - but yesterday I got to day 150 and today it’s back down to day 1. It could be that it caps and resets at 150 days (idk), but you at least must have been affected by a bug.
My Shadow Lords dailies reset 4 days ago as well, without me noticing until now. I think I was on or around day 120.

I was still getting KI gold from dailies, though.

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here is a trick that actually works for me for the ki gold drops, go into shadow lords, and buy some pack (health pack) from the kan ra shop (forgot the real name) and you should see your KI gold being added.

Not sure if someone on the developer’s end had anything to do with it, but my Daily Loot counter reset back to when it stopped working and now it’s working fine. So if someone’s responsible, thank you.