Daily Loot not awarding Gold?

The daily loot system is brand new, so I know that this is the first day that it’s possible to get KI Gold from it. However, when I completed the task - for today it was Finish a Ranked Match - and checked the loot after, it marked the objective as cleared, but the KI Gold was not added to my account. Is this happening to anyone else?

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I noticed that the objective was to complete a multiplayer match, which I did 3x and there reward never unlocked. It was odd and I didn’t give it much thought at the time.

It might be a delayed kind of thing. Maybe it has to be confirmed or maybe it’s only added every 10 days or something?

I’m on Xbox and I can confirm this is happening to me too.

This happened to me as well. Xbone. Gonna go ahead and link this in the Big thread. It’s rather uncool not to get paid for honest work.

OK I’m having the same problem. My ki gold was one of the rewards that come just for allowing up, but it didn’t credit my account.

Nevermind my first post. I was just looking at the rewards part that said completed. I just looked at my KI Gold and mine is not there either

Sorry about the earlier post.

Yep it happened to me too

#FOUND A FIX :grinning:
Exit the game and restart it, and the Gold should be there!

Trying that now

Rebooting works. :smile:

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There’s my gold. Awesome

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Alrighty then, I know have me some gold. Thanks for the advice @Fwufikins

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