Dagger Assault damage decrease


Maybe it’s a situational ender now that I think about it.


I understand that I know it has its uses but not that many. Pink Diamond uses it but still not that often. Pink Diamond is a great player so opening the oponent wouldn’t of been a problem. Which means Pink Diamond could of finished the match quicker and took less of a risk.


I’m sorry, you’re saying it takes still to use a move? Tell me more.

I dunno, that health bar went down pretty quick…


Maybe it’s just me but I didn’t find that pink diamond mixup to be especially tricky. You’ll probably get hit by it the first time but I don’t think there’s enough variation to crack good defending long term. Good on her for trying to find uses for the move, but that gif doesn’t convince me yet. < shrug>

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It’s a really cool sequence, but it doesn’t make a very good case for dagger assault as an ender choice over launcher or her VERY strong HKD ender. The clip shows an edge case, where the thunder player made the wrong decision in pretty much every opportunity given to him. I think the far more common scenario when using dagger assault outside of instinct is that it won’t be worth the risk and the damage/oki you give up for using it.


There is one mixup you can do with it off a throw.


That’s also why I can’t hit low with a l.payload and come in with a j.natural disaster overhead with my Aganos. I hate that I can’t do those kinds of setups…


So you’re telling me they’re worse? Thanks!


I personally think that the wonder is okay. I’m not a fan of it. I honestly preferred her old ended way better. I’m sure everyone did. This ended probably has potential bc in sure the developers aren’t going to hand us something useless, right?! (Aria Boss) but anyways. The ender has so many downsides to it and there is so many ways to get out of it. Sure it applies pressure but it leaves her with her kicks, which we all know are every lackluster. Also, since her daggers separate, it is very risky to pop without instinct. Honestly I think they should just bring her old ender back, and just reduce the damage on it if that was the problem in the first place. The ender is also really avoided by most players, which isn’t surprising to to all the negatives.