Cyberfights returns for season 4!


CYBERFIGHTS RETURNS FOR SEASON this Sunday(1/20/19) starting at 4pm CST starting with KILLER INSTINCT! Sign up! Make sure to go back to the link at least 2 hours before the tournament to “Check in” Hoping to see you in the tournament!




Cool beans. Will try to at least catch the VODs for this :slight_smile:

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Only 9 signed up for this Sunday’s Episode of CYBERFIGHTS! Looking for at least 16+, this one will run regardless though. If you are free around 4pm CST 2/10/19 and have a few hours come through! Also commentary postions are open please reply if interested




Would you be interested in doing commentary on an episode? I have 9 more episodes before the Season Finale, Sundays 4pm CST is the usual start time. Would love to have you on sometime @STORM179


Current Leaderboard for CYBERFIGHTS! SEASON 4 Make sure to Sign up at Each week for a chance to play in the Season Finale!


I’d love to commentate for one of these, but the timing just doesn’t really work out unfortunately. That Sunday slot is 5am Monday morning for me, so not really an ideal time I’m afraid :sweat_smile: The time difference always works out to be really early for me or for the people playing, so either way it kind of messes things up.

Dunno if you’ve used @nSxTyme2Dul for commentary before for these, but he’s quite good. I recommend seeing if he’s available if he isn’t already signed up to play.


I haven’t contacted him, nor has he entered yet, I’ll see if he’s interested for sure. Thanks for the response, that’s unfortunate about the time difference.