Cyber Jago

Seeing how Ultratech plays a big role in Killer Instinct’s story, what if they dedicated a whole costume inspired by their shady work? By capturing one of the established characters, and fully modifying them to where they look and sound like a new character, but they’re just a skin setting for a normal fighter. Think of it like how Netherealm does with MKX’s Hanzo Hasashi or Injustice’s John Stewart.

The character that I think would be a good start, it’s Jago.

A sketch representing this idea.

I mean since Season 3 is technically over with, but more updates are due to come supposedly, giving a special costume to players could be a neat way to hold us off until the next project arrives, and could be a decent place holder for no 9th character. In fact, since Shadow Jago doesn’t have a Retro skin, why not go for this instead? Replacing all the Shadow auroua engulfing him, instead its a cyberspace like grid, and his voice being more artificial whenever he talks.

If not for this KI, maybe for the possible sequel? What do you think of the concept


Ultratech already got to Hisako (just look at her premium outfit). :slight_smile:


That kind of evil is exactly what I’m talking about :slight_smile:, but taken to a much more extreme measure. We already know Eagle is Fulgore, but since his design in the reboot is really up to our imagination, seeing how we never saw him before his death, having a character we’re already familiar with go through a similar format, but still maintaining the sculp of the original character, that could probably be an interesting ark, cannon to the story or not.

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I really was hoping to see a plot twist in shadow lords where Hisako was abduced by Ultratech similar to Aganos in s2.

Maybe in future expansions


They could give em’ “what if” costumes. “What if jago and company sided with ultratech?” I dunno. From a lore standpoint I’d rather not see it come to fruition into the canon. Just a “what-if”. The last thing I need is to start having things like Shago (who reasons I don’t know why they actually let him be his own thing in the lore is beyond me.)

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Seeing how Shadow Jago is already established in the lore, this being a “What If” would definitely be a good choice. Mostly since the senerio of…

“Jago was captured and now he’s a cyborg, but is also still filed by Gargos, so now the worst of both enemies created the perfect killing machine.”

That could be a pretty cool side quest in Shadow Lords. (Especially if Orchid saw her brother after all the crap he’s been through.)

I guess this is how you create a MGRR Raiden rip-off for Killer instinct.

Would be good for a KI sequel since the chances of shago being on a next game are low due to death of Gargos.
ARIA should clone Jago and turn it into a cyborg. It should retain shago’s moveset without any explanation.

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Well, thank you. NOW I WANT A CYBER JAGO SKIN!

Thank you for adding just one more thing I NEED in this game.

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This sounds cool. Maybe he can ride in on riptor


That would be really sick! I’d either want a classic monk attire or cyber ninja with a plasma sword.

If only we’d get something though…

Isn’t Shago and Omen suppose to receive accessories?

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I’d just rather there was nothing for it. Like no dialogue, no nothing. It was just another costume.

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I support this and all other additional costumes/accessory sets.

TAKE MY MONEY IG/MS :tada::rage::tada:

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