Cyber bullying

we seriously need an option for players who like to go to the extent of harassing players just for being “not up to par”. Death threats are supposed to be taken serious. I mean I get my ■■■ kicked and this player has the nerve to disrespect me and my whole family? Then gives me death threats?I don’t care how many stars a good player has, I’ve beaten a guy with 8 stars. That’s the down side of competitive games, attitudes get so toxic it ruins the fun and ruins the game. I’m just fed up with crappy attitudes from so called good players. Love you all. Inshallah.

The same thing happened to me. Some dude got really angry cause he lost twice in a row. Then he curses me and my family and wishes to see us dead. How sick someone has to be to behave like this over a game? Unfortunately, there are a lot of disgusting people online. Microsoft needs to address this problem urgently.

@Dranyamarel143 and @Cabp15 You two should report those guys. One person had this issue. He reported the guy harassing him and 3 days later he got word that the one harassing him was banned.

Pretty sure Xbox doesn’t tell status of person you report. I’ve reported a lot of people since 2013. I only get “thank you for making our community safer. We took action” and I continue to see the players I report still online.

I was new to online gaming at the time and I was in shock. I’m a christian, so I just said that I wished him everything good in life and that he may find the mercy of the Lord, cause clearly he’s a disturbed person. Although you’re right. This kind of behavior is toxic and shouldn’t be allowed online. We’re supposed to be a friendly community.

Yes they do. If you report someone, type in your comment and select the right report type and if they get banned you will get a PM from MS stating “Thank you for making XBox a safer place! Recently you reported someone and MS has taken action. THanks again.”

I know Ive received atleast 5 of those from people I reported. Now they dont get banned for life, they probably can, but usually its a month ban, weekend ban, depending on how serious the PM or VM is.

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Doesn’t the “action” they mean could also be anything other than a ban?

Likley sent warnings about to offender. If that’s the case then that might be true. It wouldn’t be ethical to just straight up suspend someone.

Good for you! you did the right thing by wishing them better. Most people would’ve done the opposite. That’s good man. Sadly people try to escape problems that life and the world gives them and then somehow they bring it online which is irony at one of it’s finest. But that’s just one cause. The other could be that anonymity allows people to get away with words that they would not get away with in real life.

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Why not just ignore what other people say to you and move on with your life ? Does every negative thing that every person happens to say to you cause this much turmoil for you ? I assume you are an adult . You mention having a family.

I take death threats seriously. If it was a “you’re trash” comment i would’ve just replied something like “I love you too.” But death threats? I am not gonna just ignore the issue.

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Depending on the nature of what someone says or does they can be banned immediately and without prior warning. Death threats are among the items that can get you insta-banned.


It means suspension, or ban. The only other thing it could mean is a knock agaisnt there player score…which I wouldn’t think warrants a PM from MS. But honestly Im not really sure.

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Well yeah that is true. Death threats would lead to a suspension.

Never the less, being on the internet doesn’t give poeple the right to be jerks.

People forget that being on the internet doesn’t mean anonymity and that you are responsible for your actions

When I say that, I mean people don’t know who they are or where they live. All they know is the gamer tag. Never the less that is true. People need to take responsibility too.

That’s a real shame that we have people like that in our community, especially high-level players who should ideally lead players and help them improve. I’ll admit, I often get salty about certain players or matchups, but stooping that low is unnecessary.

Hopefully they get removed from our community so that they don’t taint the fun experience to be had in this game.

The issue too is that some try to justify it which is wrong in itself. I’m not trying to say people should get overly sensitive, but when it gets that far it’s unnecessary.

heck I even told one of my friends that if someone’s talking smack then we should just block them or mute them.

There is also the old saying that my dad told me as advice. Mind over matter, I don’t mind they don’t matter.


There is a system in place. Use it.

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