Customization in KI and Fighting Games (Costume Discussion)

As the title states, this is NOT a discussion about the current costumes in Killer Instinct (2013) nor a debate concerning said costumes. I just wanted to ask everyone in the forums, how important is costume customization in fighting games?

For the better half of a decade, most fighting games I’ve played before (and after) KI is increasing in the amount of clothing and accessory sets that each character can have. Games like Tekken Tag Tournament 2, Soul Calibur V, Dead or Alive 3-5 LR, Mortal Kombat X, etc. For the majority of my time with fighting games, I noticed that I enjoy games that allow me to portray a character the way I see fit. My FAVORITE game that does this is Tekken TT2. THAT GAME HAS SO MANY OPTIONS!!! If I want to look like a Yoshimitsu lacrosse player with a white apron and angel wings, BAM! I COULD DO THAT LOL. . .Don’t ask me why, I just. . .you see I. . .IGNORE THAT. My point is, fighting games have evolved from the atypical palette color switch (looking at you Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter) into making distinct characters look fun and enjoyable. I put so much time in customization mode more than practice mode no wonder why i’m still a scrub in that game :laughing: :laughing:

I personally feel that costume choices should be A STANDARD for all fighting games in order to give players a more “single player” experience while fighting against the AI or friends online. It helps to ease your mind off of that special move you can’t get out or that read you didn’t make. Costumes are also a great way to let player express and distinct themselves while playing. People always like to change and make their gaming experience unique. Costumes allow that type of player-base to flourish, thus retaining a more active community.

In Killer Instinct, i’m 50/50 on the customization options we currently have. While I do like that you can mix and match costume sets. I wish I could govern the color choices to those costumes so its just ONE CLICK when I select it before a match. If KI had DIFFERENT costume sets besides 2 and a premium set, I may be happier, but for now, it kind of makes the experience slightly more dull.

What do you guys feel about costume choices in recent fighting games? Do you think its becoming an ever expanding standard for fighting games? (such as arcade mode and versus mode) Do you care about costume customization? and if you, what are some of the CRAZIEST costumes you’ve made? I’d really like to discuss this because this has been what’s made me play FGs for so long now. Thank you!!!


I’d like season one characters to reflect the vast possibilities the seasons after them have.

Ultimately, I feel the retro and default accessories should be available for interaction as the rigs aren’t different- and yes, an option to select your color for those within as it’s jarring for some accessories that do not change color to be placed with others.

Case in point- what other color would you expect Kim to wear that pink bridal brawl skirt with, besides color one?

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I like system KI has. Two skins with their own clothing. It is certainly better than many crappy skins (like brazil pack for MKX, or infrared scorpion, jesus christ, what were NRS thinking??)

The downside is, these customizable clothes look good only when you equip full set. If you equip parts from other sets, you char looks like a clown.

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The Customization is good for a basic form of it. Though I would love to have a mode where we can make the colors ourselves. For Riptor as an example, I want to customize the colors as follows

Color 1: Her skin
Color 2: Her belly
Color 3: Metal parts
Color 5: Glowing parts
Color 4: Eyes

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Ever since I played Virtua Fighter 4 and Virtua Fighter 4: Evolution, I truly believed that character customization in Fighting Games was a must have.

KI’s Customization system is another great example. Tusk in wrestling gear? TJ Combo as Blade? Spinal as every warrior from a Knight to a Samurai?

I don’t see a real down side to it. Not yet anyway.

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Well, some customizables are godawful, like Orchid`s.


I don’t know! I personally use her color 4 with it. I want her retro colors because those are better

Your riptor is going to be trippy lmao xD

I AGREE. XD I need to play VF5 again anyway.

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You forgot teeth and claws. :wink:


That’s how flexible I want the colors to be.

I’m kinda on the fence for this topic. I like the possibility of customization, but I don’t like silly looking Things in fighting games, is the game is not silly to begin with.

Customization in Tekken is really complex but I see that as a double edged sword. When people have that much freedom they tend to do the most goofy they can possibly think of. When I encounter some silly looking characters online it kinda hurts my experience cuz the whole look and feel of the game gets ruined. Also I like to think that character have personalities and that their personality is reflected by the way the look. Gargos wuold never be dressed up as a clown, still you can make him do so.

There are some accessories sets in KI that in my opinion break the magic of the game. They bend the tone of voice, mess up the art direction and so on.
Other sets instead look just like another outfit that fits well with the character’s personality (most of the standard costumes sets are like that… not all of them though).
Don’t get me wrong, more options are always welcome, but I’d love them to be all in tune with the game’s aesthetics.

I guess since Rash was added to the roster anything silly and goofy goes well along with the game… But I honestly love the more gritty/serious side of the game.

Anyway, KI’s customization is great compared to most of the big games out there (SFV is terrible, most of the alt costumes are ugly and you have to go through hell to unlock colors, MKX is just preset costumes, Xrd is just colors)

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Personally I love any kind of customization in games, though when it comes to fighting games it’s not really a ‘must’ so much as it is something that’s a ‘plus’. The only downside is that in single player modes such as Story and Survival you don’t get to see alternate costumes on your opponent (like how you could in Injustice/Mortal Kombat X where costumes are randomized).

I do like how accessories are something you have to work for though I’d rather they come in sets versus individual pieces. I’d prefer full alternate costumes over mix and match. Also would be nice if you could earn in-game currency and unlock what you like versus having to have a certain level in order to unlock it. Still, I think KI’s customization wasn’t too bad.

Personally I’d like to see more fighting games give character creation a chance though. The only series I’ve really seen it done well was Soul Calibur (Mortal Kombat Armageddon was…a try at least. Didn’t care for Smash’s Mii fighters). If balance is a concern either just pick the moveset of a pre-existing character or have pre-set moves based on the type of character you make. The idea of getting to create your own fighter and pit them against other creations or in-game universe fighters is pretty fun.

Soul Calibur’s model was amazing- even though there was a lot of tawdry crafting ( I did it too)

I do wish we could choose what we want in KI by each level rather than unlocking, but it’s pretty much at the end now

Blazblue Color unlocks are amazing

Injustice and MK costume alternates are stellar

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