Custom Ultra names

This is something I thought about for a while…we know the Ultras, but do they have any names for them? What I did, inspired by Rokubot on Youtube, I made up names for all the Ultra Combos for all the characters, and this is what I thought up:

Jago: Ultimate Tiger’s Fury

Sabrewulf: Feral Insanity

Glacius: Frost Storm

Thunder: Spiritual Thunder

Sadira: Black Widow

Orchid: Storming Firecat Takedown

Spinal: Skeletal Horror

Fulgore: Ultratech Destruction

Tj Combo: Champion’s Beatdown

Maya: Nightguard Assault

Kan-Ra: Sorcerer’s Trap

Riptor: Dino Rampage

Omen: Demonic Annihilation

Shadow Jago: Shadow Tiger’s Rage

Aganos: Mountain Crusher

Hisako: Spirit’s Vengeance

Cinder: Burning Out

Aria: Pinnacle of Perfection

Kim Wu: Dancing Dragon Barrage

Tusk: Immortal Warrior’s Might

Arbiter: Avenging Outcast

Rash: Unload The Toad

Mira: Vampiric Slaughter

General RAAM: Execution by Kryll

Gargos: Shadow Lord’s Wrath

Eyedol: Undead Revenge

what have you thought about, feel free to tell me


Jago: Strength, Speed, and Fury

Omen: The Herald’s Message

ARIA: .execution

Arbiter: Your ■■■, My Size-24 Hoof

Eyedol: Chaotic Unity

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Not bad at all! I can dig it. :kissing_heart:

Glacius: Blizzard
Riptor: Primal Rage
Aganos: It’s Wall Over Now
Hisako: Onryo-Gone
Tusk: Ragnarok
Mira: Danse Macabre



Rash: No Pausing Allowed
RAAM: The Kryll’s Hunger
Arbiter: As Easy As It Gets


sounds fun

jago: ultra tiger fury
sabrewul: feral rage
glacius: absolute zero
thunder: cry of thunder
sadira: widow’s trap
orchid: operation: takdown
spinal: spectral rally
fulgore: protocol: ultra
shadow jago: ultra dark fury
tj combo: champ’s combination
maya: unity barrage
kan-ra: sandstorm
riptor: maiden feast
omen: despair’s grasp
aganos: landslide
hisako: shin ryu zan
cinder: heatwave
aria: symphony
kim wu: dragon rave
tusk: immotal’s path
arbiter: sengheli crusade
rash: pause break
mira: siphoning
gargos: raging demon
general raam: servitude
eyedol: crushing mash strike

Rash: Tunnel from Hell
General RAAM: Shank the bank
Arbiter: Teabags not required

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