Custom resolutions on the PC version...?

Full disclosure: my laptop is not really meant for gaming. As such, I can’t run the game at a resolution worthy of the game’s glory. I can run it at the lowest two options, 360p and 576p.

576p is fine 80% of the time, but on some stages it stutters, especially during shadow attacks.
360p is fine 100% of the time, but the text is pretty jank looking at this point.

I’ve already run the full gamut of cocktails when it comes to the graphical extras. The main culprit is just the resolution. I really wanted to try it at 480p to see if that would be the sweet spot. But, the game doesn’t have that option. Does anyone know of any way to force it? I’m not opposed to rummaging through game files.

Thanks in advance.

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I wish KI had a low end mode for Tablets/Laptops. I posted something about this in the game suggestions and feedback a while ago. As for your issue, I’m not entirely sure if it’s anything you could do. On my laptop, I play mainly on the training stage. I get the best framerate there.

I don’t think theres is atleast not with the Steam version. Game seams to have been a not so well optimized port… Max Resolution seems to be 1600x900. And crashes sometimes

Well, since I made this post, I’ve gotten a new laptop that runs the game fine. Even at 1080p at times (need 900p to pass the in-game test). But, I still find it slightly odd that 480p wasn’t one of the options.