Custom Gamerpics On Xbox

So now that custom gamerpics have finally hit Xbox… I’m guessing there could be endless possibilities for KI gamerpics if that’s what someone wanted.

For those who don’t know, it’s not just limited to INSIDERS anymore. You can customize your gamerpic with the Xbox Beta app on Windows 10.


How do I do that?



My dream of a Jojo avatar on Xbox comes true…


Yep. I can’t believe our dream coming true!

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I have to say it has took Xbox long enough for this feature but better late than never I suppose.

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Oh the possibilities.

@Twinerva maybe you could bring the face of KI in a form of a toad


Just made Janksako Crying In The Rain my gamerpic.Thanks @GothVampirella :slight_smile:


Gotta make some artwork now that the feature is open to everyone but until then some album artwork will do.


It would be amazing if i had a working PC…

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I couldn’t get it to work…maybe I am in the wrong place but on my PC under my Xbox account… I did not see anywhere that said Customize gamer pic. I even went into change gamer pic and no option.


You need the Xbox Beta App. It’s in the Windows store. :slight_smile: (It’s a beta version of Smartglass App)

Oh. So the Windows 10 crowd is in on this, leaving us on 7 a little behind.

Aren’t you always behind? 7… :stuck_out_tongue: j/k

Nightwings…Nightwings everywhere…

It’s not Jojo, but after busting out my Yugioh cards with a pal today, I felt compelled to put a Lunalight avatar.
I hope this feature is here to stay!

Seriously, thanks a million for posting about this. This would’ve flown over my head if you hadn’t.


Sweet! Got mine changed. :grin:


Why can’t you do this on the smart glass app? Seems reduculous to me!

The feature is in it’s “testing” phase so it was just offered to insiders and is now on the beta version of smartglass. It will eventually be made to all when the next official update is made. Features have always worked this way.

With that said, I’m not an “official” MS person or anything. I’m just a kwazy person who’s been in the insider program for 3 years. We just preview features before they show up on updates. With the Xbox Beta app you don’t have to be in the insider program to take advantage of custom gamerpics.

Yeah I’m in the 3rd ring of previews

I used to be 1st ring day one BUT there were just way too many bugs. I feared for my game saves lol

I’ll guess I’ll have to wait untill it filters down.