Custom Fulgore color 10 Ultimate Source figure


Hey everybody,

I had this custom painted Fulgore color 10 Ultimate Source figure made for me a while back.
I forgot to share how it looks here on the forum.
So here goes, enjoy :

KI Charity Color 10 Pack Idea 🎨

Wait…Fulgores chest plate comes off??? WTF? How did I not know that??? lol


I need to check this out too. I’ve had mine since launch. How did I not know this either??


The figure seems to literally be a print of the in game 3D model.
It seems Ultimate Source decided to attach the chest plate permanently.
So yes it is removable, but You will probably break it of and than You cannot attach it back.
The chestplate of my custom Fulgore was removed and magnets were attached to it so it connects back to the chest of the Fulgore figure.


Ahhh…ok… well I have 2 of them so maybe I’ll look into removing one. Originally the FUlgore figure was supposed to have the Hype Beam attachment. Looks like since they scraped it the model still had the inner design.
Awesome job on the figure though man… it looks great!


For God! Its beautiful! :heart:
But …
A question …
You do the painting? I see it’s the same action figure I have (though I did not dare do the same), but it was perfect!


No, I did not paint it myself :wink:
Since this figure is so detailed I asked someone who specializes in these kind of custom figures to do this for me. I enjoy this custom piece everyday.


Even so, the painting is perfect. My congratulations to those who did the painting!
Who knows more over time I can get another one or two (The problem is importing, because I live in Brazil and the freight with taxes make the value of each action figure too expensive), and can personalize one with the same color.
It must be gratifying to have one of that color, the Ultimate Source could think of this possibility of customizing them.
My action figure is very cherished, and in the future, if Ultimate Source gets to make more characters, I’d like to get Aria and Kilgore, and I’m already putting together money to import the two.